1. Ok, What are the schedules times, 9:30-4:00? Let them have opening and closing. LMAO!
    Day one opening, bury herself with all the fabricated BS/lies.
    Closing,t try to pull her foot off her mouth. Awesome!

    • Mr .or miss anonymous you have a big mouth and would love to put my foot right in yours you cant even put your name on your comments my name is kevin pickett. Come and tell me your comments and i will tell you mine you f………g big mouth.the my son all you big mouth. Full of s….t talking people that dont have a clue about my son and dont even have a right to say anything about dontno anything about sh..t.keep it shut big mouth .people like you make me sick its best you dont put your name on anything.m……erf…..er.sighned Kevin Pickett

      • Calm down Kevin, You will get every opportunity to say whatever you want soon. I put my name on everything too, and call as I see it as you do.
        Almost over and you can talk away.

  2. Would like everone to read what i would like to say .This has been the hardest thing that i have ever endored in my hole 57 years of my life and hope no parent ever goes thew. But to read these comments some of you people say is unreal you talk all about all these people in this case lawyers and the defendent and bad mouth the da. The detectives and frank .gets all of yous simpathy .But none of you have ever took my son death in consideration that it could be possible that this could have happened you look at it one way well i am saying it has andif you cant keep it to your self you did not no my son and you never will let this court and the judge and the people that has the right to say anything about this case do there jobs with out any of you one sided bullshit thoughts out of this.and let the jury deside not you or anyone eles cause i really dont care about any of you or your apinions that my son give in some respect if you dont have any for yourself you self centered assholes .kevin pickett For my son and very very much loved by is family.and if anyone has something to say to me i will be in court tomarrow. Would like to give a thanks to kirk bunch , marsalie fearra ,the DA.and to the Judge. It hasnt been easy for her and to everyone else that has been there for my son or gave Kory a kind word and at best no no one is perfect in this world and god bless you all thank you and the jury should here the good things about my son kory because the good things sure in the hell weighs out more than the bad .so all of you haters look in the mirror god for bid it could happen to any of you or your family remember you live in this world to .kevin pickett. …………………….. ……………………See you all tomarrow.

      • I understand it must be tough for you and the family all this time. and nothing wrong with venting at times.

    • Kevin,

      Reading that was painful but after my 5th time I believe I was able to make out what you were trying to say (a grammar and spelling class would be beneficial to you).

      As sad as this whole situation is, I find it hard to believe that any of Korey’s family members (or anyone really) believe that the DA’s office is doing a good job. They have arrested a group of hard working citizens with NO evidence that they killed Korey. As a mother, I get what you are saying when it comes to hearing people bad mouthing your child and that isnt ok. But if we are being honest, living the lifestyle he was at the time of his disappearance only leads to things like this happening. (Just for the record I do not believe that killing someone is ever ok.) Have you ever stopped to think that it could have been someone else that did this to Korey? Could it have been the gang member that threatened him out in the street in front of your house a few days before he went missing? Or could it have been the Denair guys that he stole the tools from? Or the most likely person, Michael Cooley? I’ve been following this case for years and I would put money on it being Michael Cooley that committed this crime. I just don’t see how the family has not questioned that?

      But the biggest problem I have with all of this is the ignorance that comes from those that believe this bullshit story. It all doesn’t add up. You yourself got up on that stand two times and said that he went missing on March 29, 2012 . If that is the truth, there is no way possible that Marlissa Ferrera’s theory is correct. Nothing else matters at that point! It either happened on the 29th or it happened on the 30th. You have testified that he went missing on the 29th. Also, the fact that he had a severe injury to one of his hands and it was still wrapped when he went missing says a lot. There is no way he could’ve went over to that property and tried to steal large irrigation pipes with one hand. Where would he have taken these pipes? He had no car or way of getting them off of the property. Where was he planning to take these pipes (I also don’t believe there was ever any pipes. No evidence has been presented that they were there)?

      I am not a criminal and I’ve never used drugs. I am a hard working mother and wife that has taken a look at this in many ways. The evidence just isn’t there. There are too many people who are wrongly convicted of crimes they didn’t do and this needs to stop!

      I am sorry for the loss of your stepson but where were you all when he was alive? Were you doing everything in your power to get him off of drugs and help him change his lifestyle? No because you were buying drugs with him the day he disappeared.

      Coming on here and telling everyone what a wonderful job the DAs office, police officers, and the judge have done is sickening. I would be embarrassed that they presented this case the way they did if you really wanted justice for your son. They paid a cell phone expert to manipulate the evidence to meet their story and then he impeaches himself. That makes me sick! Pulling every criminal in Stanislaus county up on the stand and making deals with them for their testimony isnt getting the truth.

      If any honest hardworking witness gets up on the stand Melissa Ferreira has attacked them. How is that fair? She isnt after the truth…she is after the story she had made up. There is no doubt in my mind this case is personal for her and the DA’s office. It should be about Korey and it is ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is what is sad about all of this!


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