Good evening everybody, this is Marty from DAWG’s blog with tonight’s podcast on Friday, June 14, 2019 of the Frank Carson et al. Trial. We are now doing closing arguments. If you listened to the noon report, you heard that Marlisa Ferreira was going thru witness, by witness, by witness. It is kind of a painful process. She is using the overhead. She has been allotted a day and a half for her closing arguments, but at this rate she will be nowhere near done, IMO.

The jury was in the courtroom at 1:29PM. The Judge on the bench at 1:31PM. It was pretty impressive today. Marlisa Ferreira is continuing on in her closing. She was talking about John and Allie Hodson.

I’m not going into all the details. Most of you have heard all this before.

She was talking about how they knew about Steve Duden’s activities. Steve Duden said he was looking into thefts of the antiques for Frank Carson. She showed a photo of a car that was being tracked, supposedly it was Linda Sue Burns’ car. Allie Hodson didn’t want anything to do with Steve Duden after that, because she doesn’t like people like that.

There were also “love letters” (a street term for when you get intercepted on a wiretap; you call someone who is a subject of a wiretap, eventually you get sent a letter that says you call was intercepted by the wiretap) and some attorneys and different people during this investigation were being wiretapped talking to their clients. The investigators did claim as soon as they realized it was an attorney-client conversation they minimized it and once minimized they couldn’t reopen and listen to it again.

I’m not sure that always happened, with some of the wiretaps I listened to.

John Hodson was not aware of the investigation going on, in regards to Korey Kauffman, until the investigators had gone thru some of his files in a search warrant or something. She wasn’t clear, and I can’t remember specifically what happened. Perhaps someone can clarify that for me, if they would.

Frank Carson did not mention why the wiretaps to John Hodson or anyone else, just said he was being wiretapped. He never said it was in regards to the missing person case.

BTW, you cannot get a wiretap for a missing person case. There is a set of criteria. The DOJ people did testify to this. A missing person case does not qualify for a wiretap warrant. It has to be more serious, like a homicide or that sort of thing. So they were not investigating a missing person case, as many of them like to claim.

The Hodsons, according to Marlisa Ferreira, (and she slanted this a little bit) had talked to investigators, causing attorneys not to use them. She said the Hodsons did the right thing in talking to law enforcement. Attorneys don’t want their investigators talking to law enforcement. So she’s saying they did the right thing and lost their business because of it.

The Hodsons had a rat that was put on the porch, this was testified to by John and Alli. They were called names at the jail, by the inmates, when they went there to do interviews. They had clients that wouldn’t talk to them anymore because they were talking to law enforcement.

John Hodson had a burglary in his office. There were some papers taken out of his filing cabinet, regarding Frank Drummond, and put on his desk. Frank Drummond was Frank Carson’s client. I’m not sure how this relates, but he says it was like a message left on his desk.

One of the attorneys, Ty Bogan, said he could not use the Hodsons due to their “snitching” for the DA’s office.

Allie Hodson said Steve Duden had been tracking people, namely Linda Sue Burns, and Frank Carson wanted Linda Sue Burns tracked. Said Frank Carson had put the tracker on the car personally.

I heard Frank Carson, but I think she meant to say Steve Duden put the tracker on the car.

Marlisa Ferreira said Linda Sue Burns was being followed from the Lander house to her house in Keyes.

Again, Allie Hodson said she was fired by all attorneys after Frank Carson was taken into custody.

Marlisa Ferreira put up a picture on the overhead of Turlock Police Dept. Sergeant, Lee Medland (?), talking about his assistance with the Sheriff’s Office on Lander and Ninth Street when they had the burglary call that spilled over to the Lander house. He had contacted Frank Carson on Lander and said something to the effect, there was a trail of property from his house to the Cooley house on Lander. He walked back there and said he didn’t see a trail of property.

Noel Vento was also there that same day that Sgt. Medland was there. He handled the burglary call because Frank Carson’s property is in Sheriff’s jurisdiction and the Cooley house was Turlock Police jurisdiction. Frank Carson had been to an antique show in Alameda and saw some of his property in a booth. This was in Feb 2011, at that time there was a hole in the fence that got repaired about that time also. This was when he found the hole in the fence, after the antique show when he was looking around the property. Noel Vento did an investigation. He went to the Cooley property and there was a consensual search for the officers to search the houses. No property was found at the time. Marlisa Ferreira also mentioned Frank Carson was given a property sheet to fill out, this is common in these types of cases, because victims of burglaries don’t really know what was taken at the time. So they can fill it out as they go along. Then they can return it to the Sheriff’s Office. That paper was never returned to the Sheriff’s Office and Marlisa Ferreira tried to say Frank Carson was doing something devious because of that.

Marlisa Ferreira put up Officer Michelt Query (?) he had interviewed Frank Carson and Georgia DeFilippo during one of the altercations when he had responded to a call about thefts occurring. I’m not sure which one in particular.

Marlisa Ferreira put up a picture of Edward Ragua (?), he hung out at the Lander house and talked about the lasers pointed at the Cooley house when they were playing horseshoes. Ragua knew Korey Kauffman and knew he was a recycler. He saw Korey Kauffman at Mike Cooley’s regularly. He saw shadows of three people on the property that night that they were playing horseshoes. He told investigators he thought he saw a laser attached to an assault rifle. He noted too, that he had seen Korey Kauffman and Mike Cooley smoking meth and heroin, earlier in the barn. He says he also saw another laser (one green and one red) and it was attached to a hunting rifle. He said it was a heavyset guy on the property and he later identified him as Frank Carson.

Mike Cooley did admit to Ragua and on the stand that he was going over and ripping Frank Carson off. Ragua said Mike Cooley and Korey Kauffman had a great friendship. They got along fine.

Rickey Cooley was put up. He was staying at Mike Cooley’s house. Ricky Cooley is Mike Cooley’s brother and Linda Sue Burns’ brother also. He was staying with Linda Sue Burns when her house burned down in Keyes. So they were living at the Cooley house for awhile, it was only a short while, but it was during this time frame that they lived there. Ricky Cooley was staying in the barn, in the back and Linda Sue Burns was sleeping on the couch inside the house. Marlisa Ferreira stated someone had tried to look in Ricky Cooley’s windows. It was a short, stocky guy with a blond female standing behind him. Ricky Cooley said he first met Korey Kauffman on 3/30/12. Korey Kauffman had been looking at the Frank Carson property because some irrigation pipes had been laid out and Korey Kauffman wanted to steal those pipes. Ricky Cooley saw three people along the fence line. It was the same night Korey Kauffman went missing. He told Korey Kauffman he wasn’t interested in stealing the pipes. He said Mike Cooley and Korey Kauffman had a friendly relationship. Korey Kauffman had left his bike at Mike Cooley’s and he saw it the next morning. He used binoculars looking at some animals running around the back fence, he saw Frank Carson staring at him. He last saw Korey Kauffman around 11PM that night. He said he saw three people going into the cars and hiding. He said his sisters dogs were in the barn with him. They were barking all night and agitated. He saw Frank Carson on Mike Cooley’s side of the property three times, during the short time he was living there. He said Korey Kauffman had never come back for his bike.

Marlisa Ferreira then talked about Ronald Cooper. He frequented the Lander property, but he was really friends with people in the front house. He visited there every day. He saw Frank Carson on the Lander property going through the cars, most notably Linda Sue Burns car and having an altercation with Mike Cooley. He said Frank Carson said something to the effect that he can do as he pleases and he would shoot someone if he found them on his property. He had seen people on that back property going across and down the fence line and he said in 2011, he had talked to Frank Carson while he was in custody about the issues going on. (She failed to mention there is no record of Frank Carson visiting Ronald Cooper at the jail and no video has been located either). Ronald Cooper said he was willing to help Frank Carson if Frank Carson would help to get him out of jail and represent him. Ronald Cooper said Frank Carson had offered him money for information into his thefts.

Marlisa Ferreira says in 2011 it is very clear that Frank Carson was trying to hire help with his property and issues going on and he was contacting criminals. He was contacting bad people, these same people that she has testifying.

Frank Carson never gave Cooper money, never represented him and never helped in anyway by Frank Carson. He never saw Mike Cooley being aggressive in all the time he had known him. Mike cooley got along fine with Korey Kauffman.

That’s a little different than I remember some of the testimony.

Marlisa Ferreira drifted off a little bit. Talking about Mike Cooley, the defense will say Cooley was responsible for this. Why would Mike Cooley report Korey Kauffman as a missing person if he had killed him? Mike Cooley had no motive to kill Korey Kauffman, he was like a son to him. Korey Kauffman was half of Eula Keys age, referring to some people talking about something going on between Eula and Korey. There were no issues with Eula Keys. On 3/30/12 Korey Kauffman made calls up to 10PM that night.

Marlisa Ferreira went off script a bit and said everyone is ripped off these days. I really don’t know where she was going with that. Property does not forfeit a life. Korey Kauffman deserved a day in court, not a death sentence. I agree with that, but we don’t really know what’s happened here. Frank Carson is the only one who had a motive because he wanted to stop the thefts. Frank Carson did his own investigation and he hired guards. She said Baljit Athwal is one of the people he hired to guard the property.

The next powerpoint page was about the Athwals. In 2011, they were actively trying to help Frank Carson, they gave him Christmas gifts, they called him ‘Baba”. I don’t really know what Baba means, but from what I understood from the testimony was Baba was something you called an older person as a sign of respect.

She talked about Ted Nichols, who shopped regularly at the Pop and Cork. He was a Sheriff’s Deputy who worked at the jail. Baljit Athwal had tried to get him to check the Ninth Street property and he said that’s not my business, so I’m not going to do it.

Marlisa Ferreira then talked about Michael Manuakea. In September 2011, Korey Kauffman was at his house where he had just escaped from the trunk of the Pop and Cork guys where he had been kidnapped and assaulted. She also related some of the texts with Georgia and Christine Deflippo into this. Michael Manuakea had known Korey Kauffman for several years and was his dealer and he took stolen property in exchange for drugs. Michael Manuakea had described this event when he was living on Kenwood Ave and Korey Kauffman had broken out of the Pop and Cork trunk and Kauffman said they were trying to kill him and wanted to send him a message. This led up to 3/30/12. Korey Kauffman had escaped from a black car with tinted windows, the same as Daljit Athwal’s car. Michael Manuakea said he looked out the window and he saw a dark car with tinted windows driving slowly down the street. He said Korey Kauffman said the Pop and Cork guys have many law enforcement friends that hang out at Pop and Cork continuously.

There was an objection that was sustained. I’m not sure what the objection was in regards to. The Judge looked at the transcript and told her to move on to another area and they will resolve this later.

Korey Kauffman was at Michael Manuakea’s house crying, scared, bleeding, shaking. He’d ran into the bathroom. He had bruising under one eye. Korey Kauffman was saying he was chased after he broke out of the trunk. Korey Kauffman said they were going to dispose of his body. Michael Manuakea had been buying stolen property for the drugs since 2010. September 2011 was the last time Michael Manuakea had seen Korey Kauffman alive.

Michael Manuakea talked about Linda Manuakea (Michael Manuakea’s wife). She said the same thing that Michael Manuakea said. She even cried about the same time that Michael Manuakea had cried. Korey Kauffman was telling he needed a gun back that he had pawned earlier that day. He needed to return it. The gun was on the plaque with a picture of an older white man. She said that plaque was a recognition plaque from the CHP to Frank Carson. It had Frank Carson’s picture on it, in uniform. It also had a working pistol mounted on this plaque, according to Michael Manuakea.

She talked about Frank Carson’s activity in 2011. He responded to his theft problem by taking matters into his own hands.

She went into Patrick Hampton’s testimony. It was not a good testimony for the prosecution. Hampton just said he was trying to do the right thing by testifying in this trial because a young man was killed while he is flipping off attorneys and telling everyone to f-off. I’m surprised she brought this up.

She started off by saying Patrick Hampton is a criminal, he doesn’t deny that. He is a hoodlum, he likes that role. He said Patrick Hampton said he needed someone like him to take care of his issues on the property. He wanted him to mess up the Cooley boys. Hampton had sent a letter to Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson, telling him about Frank Carson. Hampton and Jacobson have known each other since High School. It has been noted before that Jacobson is Hampton’s handler. He did not receive a benefit for any testimony. He just wanted to do the right thing. Marlisa Ferreira said Frank Carson wanted to send the Cooley brothers a message and wanted these M-F’er’s a message. Frank Carson said Hampton could get stuff done and Frank Carson gave Patrick Hampton some information and said he would represent him and get him out of jail. He was referred to Praveen Singh to bail out. Praveen Singh got no collateral for bailing out. Hampton had paid a large amount of money to get bailed out, but he also testified on the stand that (if I remember right, this is Marty talking) Praveen Singh because the bail was not paid back in full, he had towed Patrick Hampton’s car. The car is collateral, for whatever that is worth.

Marlisa Ferreira said Frank Carson had told Hampton’s friends to get his head out of his a$$ and turn himself in. Because he FTA’d in court, his bail was revoked, his car was possessed. Marlisa Ferreira said that was the first showing of Frank Carson taking issues into his own hands.

Marlisa Ferreira talked about Justin Reedy and Sabrina Romero. Sabrina Romero said in March 2012, that was the gate kicking incident. He pulled up in his pickup truck in the driveway and kicked the gate open to confront Mike Cooley. Cooley and Carson were yelling at each other and Carson made threats to Cooley. Justin Reedy and Sabrina Romero never used drugs. There was no interaction with Mike Cooley and Eula Keyes. (She didn’t mention that Sabrina Romero was involved in a $12,000 embezzlement from her employer a dentist in Ceres and ended up working a deal on that. She walked away with no time served and no restitution. There could have been restitution paid otherways. She walked away with a misdemeanor embezzlement.

Justin Reedy said Frank Carson came over in his pickup. He never had seen Frank Carson prior, they had just moved in. Frank Carson got in an altercation with Mike Cooley. Frank Carson also threatened Justin Reedy, a working man, a welder. Justin Reedy and Sabrina Romero were not involved in the drug crowd they just happened to live in the front house. Justin Reedy heard Frank Carson make the threats to Mike Cooley. He had seen a black BMW in front of the house with a guy on the cellphone who got out of the car and said, “What are you looking at?” Mike Cooley said something to the effect, Hey homeboy! thinking it was somebody else, I believe it was Kirk Bunch. He says I’m not your homeboy and I’m not your friend. Justin Reedy said he was intimidated and that’s where they finished off this afternoon. Justin Reedy and Sabrina Romero did move out of that front house right after that, is what I understand.

We were done for the day. Marlisa Ferreira will continue on Tuesday morning. The attorneys are coming in at 9AM. The jury’s coming in at 9:30AM. There was a pretty decent crowd there this morning, it kinda filtered out this afternoon. Many members of the Kaufman family were there. Many of the defendants family were there. Quite a few other people there also. People really need to see what’s going on. I always say don’t take my word for it, come to court and find out for yourself. It is really important that people do that. They need to learn for themselves and make their own minds up.

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