Okay it’s time to compose part two of the closing arguments. This segment is going to explore how the chief investigator of the case is also a liar just like the lying chief deputy Dist. Atty. MF. Y’all remember who MF is right? How are those initials working out for you Marlissa?

Throughout this case if anyone including members of law enforcement get on the stand or make statements which are actual lies and allowed to get away with it. As I told you before we can be too surprised since prosecutor Zuniga saved the district attorney’s case for her back on December 22, 2016. If Zuniga is so worried about getting things on the record, I believe any semblance of her neutrality was completely diminished in saving the district attorney’s case which should make that immediate reversible error anyway in my humble opinion.

So let’s start out showing how if a member of law enforcement makes a false statement on the stand, they call it being “incorrect” or they “made a mistake”. I am going to cut and paste in a couple of segments that I wrote in prior commentaries regarding Cap’n Crunch Bunche’s mistakes as he calls them or being incorrect.

Deputy DA Ferreira then began pointing out alleged misstatements by defense counsels as being factual distinguishable. Ms. Ferreira is trying very hard to prevent Mr. Garcia from being able to peruse Patrick Hamptons criminal conduct records while incarcerated in state prisons.

With Ms. Ferreira’s insinuations about the defense attorneys Mr. Garcia immediately raise his voice loudly, yes I said loudly, and asked the court to stop the district attorney from her reckless misstatements and her lying, and yes you read lying, and that the attorneys are tired of her accusations. Judge Zuniga had to raise her voice in order to have Mr. Garcia lower his. This was a very exciting exchange. Too bad you missed it.

January 5, 2016 :

Agent Bunch was asked, didn’t you know from the start that Michael Cooley and Eula Keyes stole items from the containers on Frank Carson’s property? He stated no! He was then asked, didn’t Eula Keyes tell you that she was fencing stolen property? No!

Did you ask her if she was fencing stolen property? I did not. Then there was a time of arguments being made whether Bunch actually did know that Cooley and Keyes were stealing the property. Sure that this argument will resume on another day.

Well folks this confirms that the DA’s office thinks everybody else except themselves are idiots. Here we have bunch talking to known tweakers and a heroin user who is apparently unemployed and bunch has no idea how they’re getting their money. Maybe bunch thinks they have a rich Dutch uncle. Of course he doesn’t think that he knows very well that they are thieves and would steal the grandmothers false teeth to finance a fix. If he honestly didn’t know I think we found out who that dumb one is. But he knew and said he didn’t. Not much of a background investigator.

July 15, 2016

One of the thoughts going around the gallery in the courtroom is that Mme. Dep. Dist. Atty. is looking very tired and at times very frustrated. There are two rumors going around in the gallery regarding Mme. Dep. Dist. Atty. being the one to prosecute this case. One rumor is that Mme. district attorney is being thrown under the bus by the Dist. Atty.
She has no co-counsel to assist her and a Special Agent by the name of Bunch who has abandoned her to go on a “vacation” or could it be stress leave? Special Agent Bunch has apparently already had vacations to New York City and to Hawaii on the taxpayer’s dime and who knows where else? What moral, ethical and dedicated investigator would run away from a case of this importance and one that is the second longest preliminary examination in California history? You have to figure that one out for yourselves.

On Friday, June 14, 2019 there is a photo in a local media source of MF returning from lunch walking in the hallway back to court. She is carrying what appears to be a doggie bag from whatever hog trough she ate at.

She has done a complete 180° turn from the first days of the preliminary hearing nearly 3 years ago. During the prelim, she was well coiffed, smartly dressed and seemed to have a confident and positive look on her face. I’m sure she felt this was a slam dunk wham bam thank you ma’am case which if she won would catapult her into the position of Dist. Atty. when the fladagator retires or is forced to resign.

The fladagator rode in on the shirttails of the Scott Peterson case. That was her claim to fame that got her in elected. And actually it was Prosecutor Rick Distaso that did all the work on the Scott Peterson case. The fladagator went along just to be another pretty face inside the “well” in the courtroom. Chortle Chortle!! She still had her natural hair then. That was BC – BEFORE CARSON!!!

The problem is, the fladagator has never had her name mentioned as winning a big case after that. And as mentioned before she has never won a major case from Frank Carson which is why she has maliciously prosecuted him and seven other innocent people.

I’m sure MF felt that she had the bull by the tail and somebody, probably the DA herself had pumped MF full of bull feces and not the tail saying how they had this case in the bag. Unfortunately, MF in that photograph is the poster child for a sad, forlorn and defeated person. Her hair is hanging and straight and she looks tired, tired and more tired.

This trial has obviously physically taken a terrific toll on her physical appearance and the question arises: why didn’t the fladagator give her a co-counsel to help her out on a case as monumental as this one? As I mentioned before it is so that the fladagator can blame MF for losing the case. Nothing like working for a real standup kind of boss. There is an old movie made in 1987 starring Danny DeVito called “Throw Momma From The Train”. Rumor has it that there is a remake coming out here in 2019 starring MF and the fladagator. The remake is called “Throw Marlisa UNDER The Train”. The fladagator is the engineer. Just saying…

I would feel bad for MF except for the fact that as alluded to in my prior commentaries, she openly lied in court with impunity when she said on the record that there had been no deals made with all of the criminal scumbags she is using as witnesses. Public Defender Ben Rosenstein came into court and testified that in fact two criminals had in fact been given special consideration (deals) for their testimony. It has all been documented in my prior commentaries. Remember that you can go to dogonnit.com to get all the facts.

I would feel bad for MF except that MF and Cap’n Crunch bunch went to Turlock to Mr. Samra’s recycling center and cajoled, intimidated, interrogated (Badgered), harangued and in fact, tampered with a witness, a criminal violation. If it was no problem for them and they did not break the law, why did Cap’n Crunch bunch tell Mr. Samra this conversation did not happen and we were never here or words to that effect which was brought out in court.

This is called conniving and low life conduct. When Mr. Samra testified in court after their visit, he did not testify the way they wanted him to and because of an outstanding warrant that they knew he had when they intimidated him in Turlock, the MF had him arrested after his testimony. I’m sure you have heard of whale crap on the ocean floor. Her conduct regarding Mr. Samra was lower than that.

I would feel bad for MF
after Eduardo Quintanar, Jr. one of the three innocent California Highway Patrolmen that MF and the fladagator threw their net over to try to silence Frank Carson and get him out of circulation. After Eddie’s charges were dismissed, MF subpoenaed Eddie back into court as a prosecution witness and tried to thoroughly discredit him WHICH FAILED MISERABLY. Too bad MF!! She got absolutely nowhere just like her whole case, NOWHERE!

They can’t stand the fact that their vicious and malicious case is rapidly going down faster than one of her tweaker witnesses dropping a fentanyl down the hatch he bought from selling his grandmothers false teeth. Speaking of teeth, you probably couldn’t get a full set of teeth collectively from all of her witnesses put together. But who cares when you got fentanyl and OxyContin to keep you happy. Just saying…


I would feel bad for MF except judge Zuniga has ordered Modesto attorney Frank Carson and his two co-defendants to post bail before Tuesday morning, or they will be sent to the Stanislaus County Jail as they await the conclusion of their trial in the death of Korey Kauffman.

Judge Barbara Zuniga on Aug. 28 revoked the defendants’ release from jail on their own recognizance. She said Carson was ordered not to communicate with his co-defendants; and they were not allowed to communicate with Carson, according to a court transcript of last week’s bail review hearing.

Last week, the judge set bail for Carson at $600,000; Daljit Atwal at $250,000; and Baljit Athwal at $200,00. Testimony in the trial was put on hold last week, and the jury was not in the courtroom. So, the judge gave the defendants a week to post bail.

“If they don’t, then on Tuesday morning they’re going into custody,” Zuniga said in court.

The defense attorneys argued that Chief Deputy District Attorney Marlisa Ferreira asked for a bail review hearing in retaliation after the defense caught her speaking to a witness outside the courtroom. The judge said she had given the prosecutor permission to speak to the witness. That wouldn’t have been ex post facto permission would it now “your honor”? Just saying…

The judge determined that it was “intimidation,” when Carson reportedly made disparaging comments under his breath to the prosecution’s lead investigator Kirk Bunch. (Intimidation judge. But what a bunch and MF did to Mr. Sam Wright is not intimidation? Better have your eyes checked judge.) But Zuniga also was concerned that Bunch would respond to Carson’s comments and escalate the incident. Tsk, tsk judge. Prior history we know that Bunch would only respond to Carson’s comment if Carson’s back was turned. Think back a long time ago to the statement that deputy Dist. Atty. Brad Nix made a number of years ago when bunch shot a suspect, where he shot him and what Brad Nix called it. A few of you old-timers will know exactly what I’m talking about. Just saying…

“Because of the history of this case and what’s going on and the nature of this litigation, he should not have said a word to Mr. Carson” Zuniga said.


Robert H. Jackson was a Supreme Court Justice from 1941-54 and was also the chief U.S. prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials. He was appointed to federal office by President Roosevelt in 1934 and first served as general counsel to the IRS. Jackson was a great defender of procedural due process and served as a Supreme Court Justice from 1941-54. The emphasis on procedural due process is the main, but not the only reason I Justice Jackson wrote:

Oh, did I save lying prosecutor? Of course I did. Now for all of you who weren’t able to follow my commentaries on this case on DAWGONNIT.COMbackstorynews.com or privateinvestigatoryates.com, here is lying prosecutor ferreira’s “if I’m lying I’m dying” proof.
March 13, 2016 Again, Ms. Ferreira states that there were no deals made. Well let me insert a comment from one of my earlier commentaries regarding that: 
But this morning we had the pleasure of listening to Deputy District Attorney Elizabeth de Jong as she took the stand to defend the DEAL made to potential three striker Ronald Glenn Cooper Junior.

She was certainly doing the “Nae Nae” dance (IT WAS FUN TO WATCH HER SQUIRM)in response to the defense attorneys questions why a deal was cut to let Mr. Cooper, a fine broth of a lad by the way, get 4 years on what would have been a three strikes case. After all, all he did was break into a house, apparently steal something, terrorize a female and stick a knife up to her throat and terrorize her. He pled to inflicting corporal punishment on a spouse co-habitant.

Now comes Deputy Public Defender Benjamin Rosenstein who apparently has no problem in telling the truth. He represents both Ronald Cooper Junior and Michael Cooley. And right out of the gate Mr. Rosenstein states that both of his clients are promised leniency in their unrelated cases. THIS MAKES FERREIRA A BALD FACED PERJURER!!! LIAR IN OTHER WORDS!!!

Was it before ferreira admonished or held in contempt of court for lying in court? No. Of course not!! It’s obvious that the District Attorney’s Office is getting and continues to get a pass by the judge. DA ferreira should be in jail and made to put up bail.

Okay folks some rep a part number two of my closing arguments. If I’m not careful of be taken up more time than MF who promise a day and a half for her closing arguments. See she’s lying again the judge should have made her shut her yap at the day and a half mark. But I don’t think so. The judge wants to save her case again.

All the comments in my articles are all my own opinion which under the First Amendment to the Constitution of United States I have a right to free speech. As I have said before if you don’t like what I write don’t read it. If you’re offended go grab a Slurpee from 7-11 go home, have your mommy burp you, change your diaper and lay you down for a nice napee!

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