1. I really hope the DA will now focus of getting those who are truly involved in the victims murder cause justice still needs to be served but I do believe Carson is innocent.

  2. Finally it’s all over thank God and bless all the jurors that seen thru the lies and the BS!!! May GOD give peace to the victim’s family as well!!!

  3. this is the longest running trial in Modesto History?

    1. Author

      good question maybe some research in order.

  4. Well said Marty. Thank you so much! We look forward to the follow-up from you and Tom in these other cases. I imagine we haven’t heard the last of all these “reliable informants” or the crooked Prosecutors and Investigators. Please keep us posted.
    Thank you for your commitment and keeping us informed. I will follow you and Tom into any courtroom in the name of justice. We had fun and knew this day would come.
    *Now I wonder if the prosecutor dragged this trial along l for so long because she know she would be unemployed when this trial ended.

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