1. Thank you for all the reporting that you have done!

    1. Praise God!! Now go after the people who killed Kory!!!! Glad I am not in someone’s shoes!!!

      Thank you Marty and Tom for all of the work you have put in.

  2. I really hope the corruption house in this county gets brought down now. In my opinion Carson’s family needs to sue for what they were put through

  3. Thank you Marty and Tom for all you have done and put into this case. It is finally over .

  4. There is still the perjury charge against Frank Carson. Looks like we got another 14 months to go.

  5. Thanks Marty, Tom and Warren for everything! You guys did an outstanding job of reporting! The family here thanks you guys from the bottom of our hearts!!

  6. Thank God!!

  7. Thanks Marty and Tom; I so appreciate your diligence and hard work during this fiasco.

  8. Thank God for Juries.. Thank you Marty and Tom. Thanks for the dedication of all the Defense Lawyers who fought all these years for justice and truth for their innocent clients

  9. Thank God for the rational citizens on that jury. MF needs to go enter a Rest Home for the evil people and take BF with her. Now the fun begins if Frank has the stomach for revenge.

  10. A huge thank you to the jurors in this case. They made unbelievable sacrifices in their personal lives. This trial lasted well over a year for them. It is hard to imagine more dedicated citizens. Jurors are the only thing that stand in the way of unjust persecution and prosecutions. In this case, they were able to determine the truth, that none of the defendants had anything at all to do with Korey’s murder.

    Now, will the DA’s office go after the real killers? There will be no justice for Korey and his family until that happens.

    My heart goes out to the the defendants in this case for the ruin this misguided prosecution has had on their lives. They stood up for what is right and were persecuted. Will there be restitution of some sort for the huge impact on all the defendants and their families? I hope so.

    A huge thanks to Marty for all he has done and sacrificed in order to sustain his blog. A shoutout to his noble and generous sponsors, to writing contributors Tom and Warren, and all who have contributed and helped Marty in any manner. Without the blog, this travesty of justice would have slipped into obscurity.

    And a huge thank you to the lawyers for the defendants. Your skills, intellect, and passion for justice were evident to all who witnessed the court proceedings. Well done!

    And finally, it is my opinion that Investigator Kirk Bunch and Deputy District Attorney Melissa Ferreira and their minions misused the power of their office to frame innocent citizens. Will there be accountability in the DA’s office for this malicious prosecution/persecution? Sadly, I doubt it.

    1. Unfortunately Rumor has it that Ms. Ferreira will be running for an upcoming Judge position. Her tunnel vision and lack of a backbone to dismiss these charges or resign her position demonstrate that she is grossly unfit for any position of power. It is clear to anyone that has followed this case that Ms. Ferreira and the powers that be involved in the prosecution of Mr. Carson and the other 8 would rather ruin lives settling political and personal scores than take an objective look at the record and do the right thing. It is sickening that these bad actors in the Stanislaus District Attorney’s office will invoke the full power of the State to crush the individual lives of those they view as foes. Something needs to be done to ensure this never happens again.

      And as we celebrate and congratulate the great efforts and talents of the defense attorneys for the amazing and remarkable manner in which they practiced their craft in the present matter. Let’s take a moment to remember all of the people that weren’t able to assemble such a great and dedicated team and were forced to be buried by this very District Attorney and Law Enforcement group who have obviously employed the same unethical tactics for years with impunity.

      But for now… congrats to the defense team, defendants and their entire family and supporters. Cheers to you all you earned it!

  11. Glory to God for the truth!! Unfortunately the Kauffman family will not have the justice they need to heal. That is so sad and my heart breaks for them too. Years have gone by watching these poor defendants dragged to hell and back. Reputations ruined, financial ruin and loss of trust in the District Attorney’s Office (not that Stanislaus county DA could ever be trusted anyway).

    I’ve gone to court during the pretrial, and witnessed the injustice served on all the defendants, as well as The Kauffman family. The DA knew this was the perfect opportunity to take Carson down. Even at the expense of the Kauffman family. It doesn’t matter what Korey did or how he lived his life, he was a created life that his family loved. I would not want to be in their shoes and I pray they find peace.

    I am so proud to know you Marty, and thankful you and Tom have dedicated your lives to bring the truth out. You have put your health, safety and sanity on the line to speak out. You both are truly inspirational and brave. You have gone up against evil and could have easily been taken down by the corrupt DA’s office. You put your own freedom on the line, truly commendable. God bless you guys.

    Last but not least I have one final thing to say to Marlissa, Jacobson, and Crunchy Bunch. Y’all Mother F’ers need Jesus. I mean that seriously. This whole fiasco has ruined the lives of many, many families. Some who will never recover. I would be very worried about eternity because your castle is crumbling and it’s just the beginning for you. Truth is coming out, people are seeing your deceit. I see EBT cards in your future.
    Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers ❤️

  12. I wonder what took the jury so long to reach a verdict? With beyond a reasonable doubt they should have had a verdict in ten minutes or less.

    1. Author

      maybe they were having a rummy tournament they needed to finish…….

      1. Or maybe they were discussing how and when they were going to talk to the media.

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