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VERDICT 06/28/2019







I think this is the best day of my life. I am at the courtroom this afternoon, and somewhere around 2:00PM we (Marty and I) are notified that the jury has decided on their verdicts. We sit around, and try to keep calm, but this is too important to allow us to be so. It was brilliant for us to have gotten into the front of the first come first served line. There were so many attorneys, investigators, and family on both sides of the courtroom that it only left a precious few seats available as we entered the courtroom. There was no way that either one of us were going to miss this moment. We have put our lives on hold for 3 ½ years, and have witnesses a travesty of justice being stopped by a jury of twelve wonderful people. I must confess that I am very much drunk as I write this post. I am home, and safe, and I am going to do my best to tell you what I experienced, and to paint for you one final picture of what has been proven to be a travesty of justice.

It is 3:30PM. I am sitting in an entirely packed courtroom. On the left, were all the investigators, Kauffman family, and attorneys that supported the prosecution. On the right were the family members of the three defendants, attorneys, and supporters of the defendants. Judge Zuniga starts speaking. She tells everyone in the courtroom that the emotions are high, and this case has taken a long time. She reminds everyone that this is a courtroom. She tells everyone that it is OK to cry, but she will have the bailiff remove anyone who has an audible reaction to any of the verdicts. At 3:33PM, Judge Zuniga instructs the bailiff to lead the jury into the courtroom. The jury had been in the jury room at the side of the courtroom, but Judge Zuniga had them enter down the center isle. All of the jurors had a somber look on their face as they passed by me. I look to the ceiling, and have a private conversation with my LORD. I can’t see very well at this time. The tears are welling up. This means so much to me.

Juror number one, who is one of the two male jurors, is the foreman of the jury. He hands a large Manila envelope to the clerk, who hands it to Judge Zuniga. She takes what seems forever reading the verdicts. I am watching her face, and she seems to be shocked by what she sees. When Judge Zuniga is done reading everything twice, she hands it to the court clerk, and she begins to read the verdicts.

The court clerk starts out with Frank Clifford Carson. Not guilty for the charge of Frist Degree Murder. Not guilty for the charge of Second Degree Murder. Not guilty for the charge of Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice. I am full on crying. I just can’t stop it. I don’t care what anybody thinks. This means so much to me. I always knew this was going to happen. God would not allow anything different. Good triumphs over evil. Right rules over wrong. The light rules over darkness.

The court clerk now reads the verdict for Daljit Atwal. Not guilty for the charge of First Degree Murder. Not guilty for the charge of Second Degree Murder. Not guilty for the charge of Voluntary Manslaughter. Not guilty for the charge of Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice. I am watching through my tears the people on the other side of the courtroom, and I see some of them seething. You could feel the anger in the air. I could feel the warm tingly feeling of Love being shared between people on my side of the courtroom. A sense of relief after the Hell on Earth odyssey we have all endured.

The court clerk now reads the verdict for Baljit Athwal. Not guilty for the charge of First Degree Murder. Not guilty for the charge of Second Degree Murder. Not guilty for the charge of Voluntary Manslaughter. Not guilty for the charge of Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice. The totality of our victory is now just sinking into me. This is right up there with the birth of my only child. I thank my LORD, for HE has carried all of us across the sand. It is time for all of us to heal the many wounds that have been inflicted on us. The relief that is now upon the defendants must be overwhelming. My heart goes out to them for what they had to endure. Judge Zuniga instructs the jury. She tells them to report any unwanted contact by anyone concerning their service in this case. She instructs them that it is not legal for them to accept any money from anyone to tell their story for a period of 90 days.

Judge Zuniga now has the deputies escort the prosecution side of the courtroom out the door. I hear a young lady yell “You fucking killed my brother.” Shadow Pickett screams obscenities as he is taken out of the courtroom. I hear a warning from someone who said something about not going to Turlock. That clearly seemed to be a threat.

I was one of the first people out the courtroom door after all the angry people were taken out. It was a pure pleasure for me to hand out small bags of marbles to the defendants and their attorneys. I have titled all my articles with: “FOR ALL THE MARBLES.” Like the “Soup Nazi,” I say: “No marbles for you Marlisa.” And no marbles for all of the rest of you who weaponized our legal system to maliciously charge innocent people. Your absolute power has corrupted you absolutely.

This travesty of justice has inflicted severe emotional, physical, and financial harm to the defendants, family, and attorneys. The totality of this victory assures the FACT that HUGE law suits are going to follow. The 15-20 million dollars spent on this case will pale compared to what will be awarded to the defendants in the courtroom. They really can’t ever be adequately compensated for what was inflicted on them.

After celebrating in front of the courtroom, many of us went to a nice bar where we continued our celebration. I had someone come and make sure that I got home safe and sound. I thank all of my readers for their many kind words. I thank Marty Carlson, because all of this would have been impossible without him. I thank the fabulous lawyers who defended right over wrong. Like I said so long ago: “The Truth Will Set Them Free.” It has folks, and I am so very happy. Now it is time for me to condense thousands of pages into 400, and write my first book. If there are any of you out there that can assist me in this endeavor, please let me know. I could use your help.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)





  1. Tom, your commentaries have been enlightening, informative, and insightful. I know I speak for many, who have come to know you for your passions and convictions (with occasional well placed humor), through your writing. That you embraced the challenges and have committed yourself to advocating for justice, at significant personal sacrifice, speaks volumes of your character. We, the many, are all profoundly grateful for you, and to you for all you have done. I hope your stories inspire others to be like you. You are making a difference. Thank you!!

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