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We met once again in Deparment 2 this morning for the return of passports to Frank Carson, Daljit Atwal, and Baljit Athwal. Marlisa Ferreira and Kirk Bunch looked haggard, as they took down all the audio-visual equipment that they had set up in the courtroom. Kirk Bunch had a bright red face, and was obviously uncomfortable with the reality of what has happened. Each passport was unsealed from an envelope and returned to the defendants. Frank Carson was not in the courtroom this morning. I am sure that defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson will make sure that Frank gets his passport back.

Hans Hjertonsson speaks about a female voice that was heard: to shout: “You better not show your face in Turlock again.” Hans states that he takes this as a threat, and wants the DA’s Office to investigate the incident. Judge Zuniga states that she didn’t hear this threat. It reminds me of Hogan’s Heroes chubby guard Shultz, who would always say: “I know nothing.” Judge Zuniga seems to have selective hearing. She could always hear the bloggers in the back of the room, but claims she could not hear the threat being shouted as this female left the courtroom. Suzanne, our fabulous Court Recorder states that she heard the threat, and has it written into the court records. Marlisa Ferreira states that it is all over the internet and was captured by the Modesto Bee. I see Judge Zuniga give Suzanne one of those looks. Marlisa Ferreira states that it was just a reaction to the emotion of the moment. Hans Hjertonsson asks Marlisa if the DA’s Office is investigating the threat, and Marlisa states that she would not reveal this to an attorney. There is bad blood between the opponents in this case that will undoubtedly last forever. Watch for certain people to be shoved under the bus in short order. Birgit Fladager will try to insulate herself from this monstrosity of a trial that she created. I think what she has done will cost her more than she could ever know.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)



  1. Both sides had emotional reactions and said things without thinking.
    It was a highly emotional moment for everyone.

  2. A threat is always an emotional moment for the threatener, one that derives from hate, and spite, and vengeance, to name a few, which is a lingering part of the mindset of the threatener, and one which becomes a lingering emotional part of the life of the one(s) threatened, often taking its form in fear, and stress, and related health issues, to name a few. Most importantly and relevantly, it often results in actions carried out or actualized by the threatener in the future. Prudence dictates that threats should be investigated.

    A question to ask is, “would there be an investigation if a threat was made to the jurors, or the judge, or attorneys?”

    1. Author

      If there was a threat to the judge or jury, judge Zuniga may have actually heard it.

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