Dawgs blog has reported in the past regards to the issues with former Stanislaus County deputy sheriff Sgt. Frank Fenn, and the domestic violence issues that have been leveled against him while on duty in the watch commander on duty one night. See those previous reports and videos click HERE. It is also been brought to my attention that a small claims suit has been filed against former Sgt. Frank Fenn by his biological son Justin.

In 2009 Lillian Fenn had passed away leaving a sizable amount of money to be distributed among different members of the family, I personally have read the Lillian Fenn family trust document.

One of the recipients in that family trust document was Lillian Finn’s grandson Justin who was to receive $5000 upon turning the age of 18. Justin turned 18 in August 2018. In 2009 then Sgt. Frank Fenn had collected the $5000 from the estate of the decedent, and the monies were to be kept for approximately the next nine years until Justin had turned of age. See document below:

Here is a copy of Frank Fenns signature receiving that money on December 17, 2009:

Frank Fenn son Justin who turned 18 almost a year ago has yet to receive the monies. He claims several contacts have been attempted with, what he calls his biological father, to be paid the monies that he was owed when he turned 18 almost a year ago.

One of the responses in the past that Frank Fenn has given his ex-wife were text messages that went as such:

Several attempts were made, according the son, in an effort to get his dad to turn over the monies due him the latest being this one:

Having felt no other alternatives, he filed a small claims suit.

For some reason, even though the mother of Frank Finn lived and died in Stanislaus County, the funds were disbursed to him in Stanislaus County, all relatives lived in Stanislaus County; former Sgt. Frank Fenn felt the case should be adjudicated in Nevada County where he now lives.

If you read the previous article linked above, you will see that former Sgt. Frank Fenn and his ex-wife had separated around 2010. Being ongoing issues, which appear nine years later are still ongoing. The ex-wife is still attempting to collect spousal support from the marriage which has been continually litigated in the courts with no satisfaction as of yet.

Dawgs blog has no contact information as far as a phone number for former Sgt. Frank Fenn is welcome to contact Dawgs blog in response to these allegations. I am more than interested in listening to his side of the story.

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