Just as a reminder, with all the excitement of the acquittals, there is another charge Frank Carson is facing.

Still pending is the perjury charge the prosecutors office had filed as to the form 700 information was incomplete on the FPPC form.

Normally this is handled with an amendment to the form through FPPC, and is done all the time and is a routine matter. A representative from FPPC had testified in a previous hearing that they had never seen a prosecutors office file a felony perjury charge on a minor violation like this. There is in house remedies for this.

Maybe there is a bias after all and not by the bloggers.

Next date is August 30, 2019 @9:00 am in front of Judge Zuniga.


  1. I think Modesto needs a different judge who is not aligned with the DA’s office. Zuniga did one hell of a job “ saving her case” for MF.

  2. Zuniga should be removed or recluse herself from this case. I am pretty sure she is a bit biased.

  3. This was their plan all along.

  4. I have been thinking about the perjury charge. This is a case of Selective Prosecution. Selective Prosecution is defined as a prosecution that is conducted against an individual not based on the merits but rather upon an impermissible, discriminatory reason. The classic example of this is a law a prosecutor only enforces against black people. Here we have a law the prosecution only enforces against one person, who is a political and adversarial foe of the prosecutor. The prosecutor is, in fact, enforcing the alleged perjury on the election form against Frank Carson because he is perceived as the political and legal adversary of the prosecutor’s office. These are constututionally protected actions.
    Selective Prosecution is a Due Process violation, and the remedy for it is dismissal.
    Probably, Judge Z won’t dismiss the case outright, but the defense can argue that the prosecutor be required to present evidence to lay a foundation establishing they are not going after Frank Carson for who he is, and explaining why this is the first time they have prosecuted this type of case. The defense should be allowed to crosd examine Fladager and maybe Marlissa.

  5. Just by the DA filing a felony puffery charge when that has never been done on such matters, clearly shows the maliciousness and intention by DA to wield their legal powers over Frank as a means of getting back at him and nothing more. This has been so disgusting all along to have seen the way the DA’s office has presented this case since day 1. If only the families of Korey Kaufman and Robert Woody would sit back and really see this entire case for what it truly has been. Even Beverly Woody — said in the interview she had with Cop Watch where she discussed the downright disgusting and illegal handling of cuffing her granddaughters, posting guns at their heads and hauling them to their office at the ages of 13 and 14, without parental permission and without a parent or legal guardian present. Where she said right in this interview that they want him to lie and say this attorney did it?!?!?! Then the taped conversation with Woody wit my his dad and he told his dad, “Daddy, they want me to lie.” I guess the DA had them all so frightened that they eventually submitted to what they wanted to hear. Most people under such circumstances who do not have the ability to pay for legal representation are going to buckle under such outrageous conduct by the DA and her gang. That’s truly what Marlisa, Bunch, Jacobson, and the others concocting this whole thing are – a gang of thugs wielding their power so unethically without a shred of honor. Judge Zuniga also falls short of deserving the title of Your Honor with her lack of following through with the sanctions she repeatedly said she would impose and the clear bias towards the defense by limiting their final closing arguments, yet having already allowed Marlisa to take close to as much time as she wanted. The jury must have been full of intelligent people who saw through the “theory” the DA used their cultivated informants to attempt to prove along with the host of informants they have cultivated to be their puppets on this case and many others.

    Sad thing is no amount of money that could be won from any lawsuit can ever compensate for the damages wrought by this case. Damages that not only caused sever harm to Frank, Daljit and Baljit, but their families as well. Walter Wells still having the case against is total insanity and yet it has yet to be dropped! What can they possibly hope to accomplish by moving forward on it?!?!

    I am sorry to the families of Korey and Robert for theirs losses. I really hope Korey’s family will eventually get some truthful answers. To Robert Woody’s family? I am sorry for all the fear that the DA gang of thugs has placed you under—fear so great that you dare not tell the truth due to the threat of the death penalty or life in prison for your you son, brother, dad.

    I couldn’t be happier that Frank, Daljit, and Baljit were found NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY!!! And did I say N O T G U I L T Y!!!

  6. Damn spellcheck and auto correct changed perjury that Inmust have had a typo to puffery! 🤪

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