Recently I received a transcript from the verdict hearing on June 28, 2019.

The court had received the verdict forms from the presiding juror with them stating they had reached a verdict.

Note: in the transcript it does not make mention of the judge getting off the bench and going into her chambers with the clerk with the verdict forms just prior to the reading.

Of course, the reading does give a not guilty verdict to all charges on all defendants I won’t go into those specifics.

The jurors did confirm that that was there verdict in this case they were unanimous.

No attorneys had requested that the jury be polled for clarification of their verdicts.

The verdicts were then recorded with the court.

The judge then read one last formal instruction to the jury stating they have completed their jury service with the thanks of the court and now the case is over they may choose whether or not to discuss the case and their deliberations with anyone that they see fit.

About this time there were some upset victim family members that were trying to leave the courtroom and for some reason the bailiffs had stopped them, the bailiffs eventually relented and let them leave the courtroom.

Judge Zuniga was also admonishing another family member to control herself because comments were starting to be made, with the threat that she is going to make them leave.

Back to the jury instructions she stated that under California law the jurors must wait at least 90 days before negotiating or agreeing to accept any payment for information about this case. She went on to say the lawyers in this case the defendants or their representatives may now talk to you about this case including the deliberations and/or verdict. Judge Zuniga noted that the discussions must occur at a reasonable time and place and with their consent.

So, the judge is advising the jury that they are free to discuss with anybody they want, or not, it is their choice.

Judge Zuniga also noted that if the jurors have any type of unreasonable contacts, they are to notify the court for the judge to handle the situation for them. If anybody violates that rule it is a violation of court order and that person could be fined.

At that time the judge also ordered that the courts record of personal juror identifying information, including names, addresses, and telephone numbers, be sealed under further order of the court. The judge Zuniga is not allowing any personal information to be released concerning this jury. She also noted in the future if there is a request to the court for their personal information, they will be notified prior to any decisions being made.

Judge Zuniga repeated that anyone tries to access their information, or tries to talk to them in any unreasonably way let her know and she will take care of it. She again thanked the jury because originally they were told this was supposed to be a six month trial and here we are 14 months later. She thanked them for their service and sacrifice. Judge Zuniga also noted that she tends to try some very long cases, and she stated that the jury had performed above and beyond, and it is very much appreciated. At that time, she released them from their admonishments did not discuss the case with anybody as their free to do so if they please.

At that time the judge had the jurors escorted out of the building and did not make them available to the attorneys or media.

Then Judge Zuniga went on to talk about the other pending charge against Frank Carson. Frank Carson personally and through his attorney requested that his bail be exonerated, which confused the judge initially, because she was thinking they were still on OR. But then realized that she had increased their bail during the trial, and their bail was exonerated.

The next day was being scheduled to talk about the pending charges against Frank Carson, and the court was scheduled for the next Tuesday to return all passports and such to the defendants.

Judge Zuniga then dismissed the court and that she also had noted in the next hearing that she did not hear all the comments and threats made to the defendants, but the court reporter did.

Unidentified speaker is quoted as calling them “murderers”,

Unidentified speaker was recorded as saying “fucking go to hell piece of shit talking murderers you killed my little brother my little brother”

The bailiff at this point was trying to get everybody out of the courtroom and wanted the family side to exit 1st.

Another Unidentified speaker was recorded as saying “guilty fat ass”

unidentified speaker was recorded as saying “son of a bitch”

unidentified speaker was quoted as saying “what comes around goes around still get theirs in the end”.

Unidentified speaker said “you boys better not show your faces back in Turlock”

Unidentified speaker was recorded as saying “fuckers”.

The bailiffs were then able to get all family members out of the courtroom, and then the remainder of the gallery is allowed to leave.

Not the entire transcript is just a synopsis of what happened to let you know.

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