1. Back to the micro-managing judge and prosecutor. Why did they bring back the same incompetent system syphoning loser’s? Let’s follow up the Carson shitty half-ass performance with an encore? Great idea!
    These idiots didn’t even show up with a clean witness list or a of clean set of charges? The DA shows up two hours late and tries to skip out during proceedings? WTF? You said at the end of your podcasts that you don’t imagine that this will be a long trial. Ahaha you may have to eat your words on that one Marty. You know who we are dealing with?🤕😤😠

  2. Here they go again, another circus in the making. I guess the prosecution will never give up. Man this county must have some bucks.

    1. Author

      But Birgit Fladager does not have the resources to prosecute lower level crimes. But continues to waste resources on a loser case that will gain nothing.

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