Dawg: Recent events in this area have created some strong emotions on both sides of the Straight pride march event. Here is a letter received from a viewer who feared the local rag (modbee) would not publish his letter. He identified himself as Samson Clems in regard to this issue:

Note: Identification of writer not confirmed.

Not long ago, the editors at The Modesto Bee addressed their credibility problems, even invoking several journalistic awards they’ve received. However, when articles like the “Proud to be straight? No — proud to hate” are published, especially when written by a member of the Bee’s own editorial board, it’s hard to see what has changed. To be fair, the article itself is an editorial piece, but, at best, it’s safe to say it is discouraging to see such bias at play. If this is what is before an editor’s mind, it leaves much to the imagination about the discussions that occur behind closed doors.

The beginning of the editorial itself reads:

“No one has ever shamed me for holding hands with a boyfriend in public. I have never been afraid to go out to a club or bar to meet someone special. I was not told no when I applied for a marriage license or when I ordered a cake for the ceremony. I have never worried about being attacked or murdered just for living my life.”

No doubt, there is some strong, and in many respects commendable, sentiments underlying these remarks. There’s also a clear implied scope in the argument, of all of these events happening to LGBTQ+ persons. But there’s also unqualified standalone remarks, of course for emotive force, that have a tinge of a propaganda feel. Just look at the last sentence. Many heterosexual people have been attacked and murdered just for living their lives. We need only look to the women who are raped and murdered for ‘living their lives.’ But that’s not the point: why include any other experiences when we can generalize and exclude them through the emotive force of such unqualified remarks?

Subsequently, because apparently only LGBTQ+ must be worried about such substantial threats as murder for ‘living their lives,’ we’re told there should be no straight pride marches at all. There may or may not be persuasive reasons to have these types of marches, but before we’ve even begun the discussion on the controversial march in question, we’ve already been shamed for having entertained a straight pride march. How could we? If we did, it’s already implied that we must not care for the only people who must be worried about being murdered for ‘living their life.’

When we finally get to the Bee‘s discussion on the upcoming controversial Straight Pride March, we’re told that “chances are” hate groups will attend the event. They may be there the Bee suggests, but it’s only a chance. Do we even know why they were invited? No, but the Bee is more than happy to fill in that gap for us. Because chances are, if they’re invited: they’ll be there to spread white supremacy.

Of course, the final nail in the coffin is the organizer and director of the National Straight Pride Coalition (NSPC), Don J. Grundmann. This is the same Grundmann that has run several unsuccessful bids for one of California’s U.S. Senate seats. The Bee portrays him, not only as a kook, but as embracing beliefs about white supremacy. White supremacy is attributed to him, it seems, from a brief remark on the NPSC website that reads:

“Whiteness/Caucasian – the mass majority biological racial component of the developers of western civilization”

At first glance, this seems quite damning. However, good journalism would require Grundmann’s view to be set out clearly and fully. In a political climate where statues of Thomas Jefferson and murals dedicated to George Washington are in dispute for removal, and where prevailing narratives include, at best, a disinclination to white persons, especially white men, it is not unreasonable to assume that the message could be that white people have done good things, too. Clearly, as anyone who’s read the mission statement of the NSPC would know, in Grundmann’s view being caucasian, or ‘whiteness’ is under ‘unprecedented attack.’ Is this really more than an extreme disavowal of the putative white privilege?

We can shed some light on this question if we turn to an article from Grundmann’s website, a website even the Bee cites in its editorial, titled ‘All people are equal.’ The article itself is a long narrative of the horrendous influence that Social Darwinism and Eugenics has had on public policy. What is more interesting, though, is Grundmann’s explicit view that:

“All races are biologically equal.” and that

“There is no such thing as biological superiority of any race over another.”

When compounded with his view of saving African American babies from abortion, what he considers as modern-day eugenics, this no doubt complicates the Bee‘s portrayal of him and the purported hate group invitations.

Perhaps there are other reasons this particular editorial board member framed the discussion of the Straight Pride March this way. The Bee‘s editorial echos the same sentiments and uses strikingly similar language as remarks released, only a day before the Bee‘s editorial, by leaders in the Stanislaus County Democratic Party — specifically Democratic Congressman Josh Harder and the Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee Chairwoman. What’s even more compelling is what we can learn from what isn’t mentioned in the editorial. If we were to expect more than merely a regurgitation of Democratic talking points, shouldn’t the Bee’s editorial also be discussing the apparent misogynistic language and rigid roles Grundmann assigns men and women? Unfortunately, though, this is a point the Stanislaus County Democrats are neglecting. Something similar can be said about the striking omission of Antifa — a far-left extremist group — that the media has notoriously been known to handle with less care than far-right groups, even when it comes to attacks on some independent conservative journalists. The Bee‘s editorial suggests that the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group that the American Defamation League has noted as publicly denouncing racism and white supremacy, received an invitation and could partake in violence that could lead to riots, but offers no mention of Antifa. It’s common knowledge at this point that the two parties have quite the rivalry throughout the United States, and this omission leaves one to wonder if the Bee, too, handles Antifa with less care. After all, it’s no secret Antifa’s already been to Modesto.

Is there a compelling case that the upcoming Straight Pride Parade is hateful? Of course. Is it imbuing white supremacy and white nationalism? Maybe, but we’d need further demonstration. Is there, at best, a clear appearance of a strong political agenda on part of one of the Bee’s editors and investigative researches? Well, if we add how they openly go out of their way to suggest that the local GOP is hosting the ‘white nationalist’ Grundmann — the trope of the racist Republicans plotting once again — a compelling case can be made. What is clear is that the Bee will happily run an editorial written by a member of its editorial board that exudes bias. They will also maintain that revelations from the piece will likely have no effect on their actual reporting. What is troubling, though, is what’s left to the imagination after all of this; what exactly is discussed behind closed doors, and as I have presented a case for, what’s being concealed from us?

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  1. The Straight Pride event is not about hate any more that Gay Pride events are about hate. It is about asserting the rights of people who believe the LGBTQ group and others like them have gone too far in forcing their version of sexual morality on the rest of us, who do not agree and have a constitutional right to not agree with them.

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