1. two questions…was geo fencing in use back in 2012 ? and if so , is that data even still in existence ? most of that info gets purged after a certain amount of time. ..ok one more…did you say that they are sending the phone to a third party, non law enforcement ( meaning broken chain of custody) agency so they can attempt to gain info ? yet another cause for any evidence (that i would bet my life does not exist) to be inadmissible ?

    1. Author

      !st point I believe you are right, but not sure. Yes they had to send the phone out to the company to try to get the info. They can personally deliver it and maintain custody with proper procedures at that company or they may be law enforcement related for that purpose. same was done with the remains and bones for testing.

      1. Oh ok ,thanks…cellbright is old technology though , i even have one of their kits..im guessing the same kind that made mr.cook an “expert” …lol

        1. Author

          You are probably right.

    2. Geofencing is not “new technology”. Ferreira is full of shit. I think this is just a stall tactic because they have no real evidence. She’s hoping something will turn up but it wont. The DA’s office are the the real criminals here!

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