As everybody knows I’ve been following the Frank Carson et al. case since the beginning of the preliminary hearing, that’s been 3 ½ years now, to the conclusion of the recent acquittal in trial.

There are many areas in the community, and some areas outside of the local community, that the tentacles of this case have reached out into. We had multiple police agencies involved, multiple counties involved, multiple witnesses in this case that had pending charges, pending sentencing, or just flat out looking for a deal in their hideous crimes committed.

One such individual in this case had embezzled in excess of $12,000 from her dentist employer, after several years and almost 30 court appearances later she entered a plea admitting to the embezzlement on a misdemeanor charge. This was done after her testimony in the preliminary hearing but was prior to her testimony in the trial. She never spent one day in jail and was never ordered by the court to pay restitution. These facts are all verifiable and public record.

I was recently contacted by someone in regard to this information of this individual. It was my understanding that she had some dealings with the league, but I have no exact clarification of what her role or function was within the league. On the league website she is still listed as a “fundraiser and picture Commissioner” and the age 11-13 Commissioner.

At this point I am not going to identify the league, nor the individual involved at this time, as I do not know exactly what has taken place, but my understanding is her affiliation with the league has been terminated.

I have sent out numerous emails to league officials to ascertain if she did in fact have access to league funds, was she properly vetted prior to being put in this position and her current status with the league.

As I receive information, I will pass it on to all of you.



  1. She probably helped herself to a sizeable amount of funds from the league also.

  2. Keep digging deep and wide, Marty. I can almost smell the stench.

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