Several days ago, I had posted an article about the Frank Carson case in a local youth baseball league. See the article here.

That league is the Ceres youth baseball/softball league also known as the Blaze baseball and the Sizzle softball.

I had made a request with the league president Joe Carillo for an interview on the issue of having a self-admitted embezzler being in charge of fundraising and possible other activities handling of money in the league. Mr. Carillo had stated that Ms Romero – Reedy was a coach of one of the sizzle softball teams, giving her limited access to fundraising funds and monies paid by the parents for their children play. He stated that most but not all of the monies are paid by check but did admit that there were some monies paid in cash but is not their preferred method of payment. He also noted there is a structure in place for double checking of these funds which are double checked by three people total.

Though coaches do collect, it is turned over to the treasurer and must be all accounted for. He also noted that Ms. Romero Reedy is no longer associated with the league at this point, and every year there is auditing done of the accounts, there are a total of five, once the seasons are over. He also stated at this time all seasons are coming to an end and there will be an audit done shortly.

I inquired of Mr. Carillo of the vetting process that is done of all people involved in the league. He noted that all people are volunteers and not paid employees of the league. And there are background checks done prior to any person that gets involved with the league, that goes for anyone that’s a an assistant coach, a secretary, treasurer, all the way up to the president. He stated the background check on the person of interest did come back clear, as received by the Department of Justice. He also noted that background checked was received from the DOJ and reviewed by Escalon police chief Mike Borges. Note: chief Borges had previous experience of 34 years with the Ceres Police Department prior to retiring and then accepting the position of chief of Escalon Police Department.

I advised Mr. Carillo that the information I received that there were some monies paid for tournaments to be played but never were played by the teams. There were some questions as to where that money had actually gone. In addition, I advised him my information was there was other fundraising monies paid directly to Ms. Romero Reedy that some people felt has not been turned into the league. Mr. Carillo stated there was an ongoing investigation and could not state anything further at this point.

Mr. Carillo did appear to be very cooperative with myself but did have but seem to be a prepared statement to give. But did assure that there will be an audit done soon and the situation will be looked at again once that’s been completed.

I advised Mr. Carillo my interest was not in Sabrina Romero Reedy herself; my concern was the ability of these young people to be able to continue to be on the ball field and not lose that opportunity due to someone doing something totally inappropriate.

I will follow up with the president of the league sometime in the next couple months to see if anything has developed.

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