During the summer of 2018 Carmen Sabatino has been making motions to have his subpoena quashed. He had to two court dates for hearings in front of Judge Zuniga in regard to this motion.

Here are the Sabatino motions: https://dawgonnit.com/2018/07/19/frank-carson-update-111/

During these motions Carmen Sabatino had a representative by the name of Gene Forte acting on his behalf. During the hearings themselves Judge Zuniga and Deputy district attorney Marlisa Ferriera at both directed their comments to Mr. Forte who was sitting in the gallery. Gene Forte did in fact respond in a representative matter to both the court and Marlisa Ferriera during these hearings. Note Judge Annika constantly went “off the record” when Mr. forte was addressing the court. The problem was her going off the record was on the record. In addition, Gene forte had crossed the bar between gallery and attorneys pit to advise Carmen Sabatino of what was being said and offered. This was done in both hearings that were heard in the summer of 2018.

Also note Gene Forte, in the first hearing, and leaned over to pick something up and a digital pocket recorder had fallen out of his shirt pocket. It was seen by the bailiff and he was advised not to use it in the courtroom.

Eventually after having at least one meeting at Starbucks with Marlisa Ferriera and Kirk Bunch, that was recorded by Gene Forte and acknowledged being recorded by Marlisa Ferriera, an agreement was reached between carbon Sabatino and the District Attorney’s Office.

See stipulation here: https://dawgonnit.com/2018/09/19/frank-carson-upate/

Also note that Dawgs Blog was aware that Carmen Sabatino and his representative, Gene Forte, were listening and monitoring Dawgs Blog podcast during the trial. This is information that came directly from Carmen Sabatino himself, and confirmed by Gene Forte in an email that he had sent to Marlisa Ferriera and Kirk Bunch at the Stanislaus County’s District Attorney’s Office. For some reason Mr. Forte CC’d a copy of that email to myself and had referred to me as a self-described “living legend”. That also is a term that Carmen Sabatino had used to describe me, again words directly from his mouth.

See email here: https://dawgonnit.com/2018/07/24/wazzup-dawg-a-note-from-a-fan-who-apparently-copies-everything-i-do-maybe-they-can-learn-something/

See email heading here: https://dawgonnit.com/2018/07/25/wazzup-up-dawg-with-that-email-from-sabatinos-represenative/

That email contained a transcribe of my opening statement on my podcast on July 17, 2018. I guess Mr. Forte felt the need to confirm his intimate relationship with the District Attorney’s Office. Also note just prior to Thanksgiving last November, while I was on a shopping trip at Costco in Modesto, Gene Forte, Carmen Sabatino were seen shopping together at the store. I had no interaction with either one of those gentlemen whatsoever. I did note that while waiting in the long line of the check out, Carmen Sabatino had made a phone call and within a short period of time Kirk Bunch showed up and began laughing-joking-and patting them both on the back. I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

I have not previously made anyone aware that sometime in the fall of 2018 I had gathered transcripts from those hearings, note I cannot legally post transcripts. A complaint was filed with the California State Bar Association in regards to Gene Forte practicing law without a license. That complaint was filed by me.

On December 6, 2018 I received a letter from the State Bar of California that the complaint has been reviewed and forwarded “to the enforcement unit for further investigation and prosecution if warranted.” I was contacted by investigators and gave information that I was present during both of those hearings and I had transcripts from both of those hearings, and they were forwarded to him review.

I recently was contacted by an attorney that’s overseeing the investigation and she stated that the case has been reviewed and a recommendation of criminal charges be filed in the local District Attorney’s Office. Her information was that the investigator and attorney at Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office were none other than Marlisa Ferriera and Kurt Bunch. They would be making the determination on whether criminal charges were to be filed. I explained to the attorney that both of those people were complicit in the activities of Mr. Forte and it would be totally improper for them to be involved. She stated that she has no control over that.

She also noted that Mr. Forte has made a “demand” that this case be put to rest, and no charges filed. At this point that is all I am aware of it is now apparently up to the District Attorney’s Office to make a determination.

While I was talking to the attorney from the Bar Association, she was asking a lot of questions in regards to the judges “go off the record to protect Mr. Forte” comments in the transcript. It seems she seemed more interested in follow-up with the judge. I also advised her that that same information was sent to the judicial commissio in a complaint against the judge that was filed at the same time for the same circumstances.

The judicial commission has only acknowledged receipt of the complaint I have heard nothing further.

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