As soon as Samuel Bonner entered the Long Beach courtroom with his wrists chained to his waist, the judge made a simple, yet for Bonner, unprecedented, request: Could the bailiff please remove his shackles? This is the moment, Bonner thought. This is it. It was the closest thing to freedomContinue Reading

The Reveal, a weekly news show at Alive 11 news in Atlanta, has published a report about judicial corruption in Georgia’s Juvenile Court, highlighting a case where parents were denied their Constitutional rights, forcing them the flee the state to try and prevent the state from kidnapping their children. JudgeContinue Reading

A man posing as a police officer in Long Island found out that role-reversal may not have been his best move after he was busted attempting to pull over some real detectives on Friday morning. Police in Hicksville, Long Island said that two detectives from the Nassau County police electronicsContinue Reading