I was contacted by several well informed people today and got some clarification on the sentencing structure.

Woody was sentence to 7 years 4 months total and has to do 85% due to the nature of the crime and current laws.

That is 88 months @85% = 74.8 months= 6 years 2.8 months

Arrested on 2-28-2014 to today is 2007 days (5 years 6months).

He still has about 6 months months left but has not been actually sentenced yet, so whenever he is sentenced he will just about be time served.

I appreciate everyones input to clarify this.





  1. In the end, how about a bus ticket to Florida, one way.

  2. I actually feel bad for him , considering he most likely had nothing to do with it , the investigators should trade him places since its their imaginations that put him there…

  3. I agree, if there was anyone willing to provide Constitutionally effective assistance of counsel to Woody he would not be “doing time”. In a different world where there were truth seeking honest District attorneys and investigators Woody would not be their tool manipulated to serve their agenda and they would all be in custody doing Life

    1. Yes, it’s Sad that the District Attorneys Office in Modesto Calif and Investigators lied to Woody and to his Family! and made up lies and told him he did it. And told him that People seen him do the Crime! He actually passed the lie Detector Test , YOU NO WHY??? because he was telling the Truth! but the District Attorneys told him
      He failed it, Sad to see he had no choice but to take a Deal from the District Attorneys Office So he didn’t get Life in Prison, it’s sad that this has been going on for Years, and there’s a lot of other Cases that the same thing has Happen!! The District Attorneys Office only out for a Win and don’t care who they take down! People need to wake up and see what has been going on in this County! Everyone of them who was so Dishonest and was involved with all the unethical Stuff Needs to be in Prison !! God has seen what they have done!!!

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