Just a note Frank Carson has a pre trial in dept #2 today.

He still has a pending trial on the alleged form 700 violation

I will update as soon as I can.


  1. any news on the you officer who is still charged on this case.

    1. Author

      His next court date is In October

    2. Author

      But nothing other than that yet

  2. Sadly, the harassment of Frank and others continues. Rotten people in the DA’s office and presumably higher up within the county? It defies rationality. Thanks for keeping “the interested” in the loop.

  3. The fact that they are stupid enough to continue to pursue this when such an action has NEVER happened before when anyone else does it looks like proof to me that it’s nothing more than a malicious prosecution and should weigh heavily towards a nice fat settlement in the further. Seriously SMH that they just keep making bigger fools of themselves by everything they are continuing to do rather than have some decency and admit when they have f’d Up!

    Has the Modesto Bee printed anything about this charge and the fact that no one else has ever been prosecuted for the very same thing?!?!?!

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