This morning taking my car to be washed at prime shine carwash I was told as my sticker on the door was being scanned by the employee that effective October 4 all scan stickers will now be placed on the windshields.

I asked the employee what happens if I don’t want to sticker on the windshield, she stated that you will be required to have it on shield and if you don’t remove and cancel the sticker on the door you will continue to be charged but won’t be able to use the services. Personally, I felt this probably a very uninformed employee.

I then contacted Mister carwash club the now owner of prime shine carwash, effective December 10, 2018. They are out of Arizona not locally owned like prime shine used to be.

Here is the email that I had sent off to Mister carwash:

I got my car washed this morning at the car wash that is still named prime shine in Ceres California. I was advised by an employee THAT ALL STICKERS would be moved from the doors to the windshields effective October 4.

I asked the young lady what if I do not want it on my windshield, she says I would not be able to use the services but still would be charged for the sticker on the door.

Feeling that this employee may be misinformed I am contacting the corporate office through this medium for clarification.

Also note: that I run a local blog called Dawgonnit.com a.k.a. Dawgs blog and this information is going to be relayed to the public in the area of all the Prime shines in in the community.

Requesting an official response from Mr. carwash in regard to this matter as I feel clarification to the public is necessary.

Thank you very much for your attention in this matter

Marty Carlson


(Dawgs blog)

Anyone else with these type experiences in the community or with prime shine for now Mister car wash, please feel free to contact me with your experiences ideas or suggestions. I will update when I get a response.

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