Two days ago, I put up a post in regard to what was formerly known as prime shine carwash, now known as Mr.WASH CLUB, I had a personal experience with one the employees there explaining or attempting to explain the new process in regards to the stickers that would be no longer allowed on the door but be put on the windshield, see post HERE.

After writing an email to the corporate office I was contacted today by the manager at the car wash in Ceres. She advised that Mr. Wash club is moving forward into advanced technology to do the car wash’ s and eventually there will be an automatic scanner to allow the vehicles to enter the car wash. When I inquired in regards to the lack of manpower that will be needed for this type of technology she did admit yes it would eliminate some jobs.

She told me what the employee had told me was accurate but then turned around and said not totally accurate. But it will be up to the car owner to make sure that the stickers that is currently on the door to cancel that sticker, as they do not have the ability, at this time, to cancel stickers from their point of sale and the handheld devices that they are currently using. They can sell and activate stickers but cannot cancel stickers. So, it is totally up to the car owner to cancel the old sticker cannot be double billed. I was surprised that there was not a program developed to just eliminate the old stickers and force new stickers to be purchased.

She also noted currently there are three unlimited washes available and that will be reduced to two washes available.

The lesser of the two washes will go up four cents to $19.99 a month, the other unlimited wash available will be $29.95 a month and that gives you all the options available at the car wash which includes tire scrubs and extra’s

She advised me that corporate did receive my email and did pass it along to her to contact me. She was very informative and seemed up to date on the activities going on with the change of ownership. I also advised her that I was looking for a corporate response to some of these issues, and she encouraged me to continue to do so.

More and more these days businesses are wanting to put stickers on your windshield for scanning purposes. More and more it’s going to be a problem replacing windshields and other issues related to that. But this is what modern technology is doing to us, so I guess everybody has a choice to abide by this or not.