As everyone knows I’m trying to get more information in regards to the conversion of prime shine car wash to Mr. wash club. There has been some question about the new stickers and cancellation of the old stickers see previous post Here and HERE

Again, today I went to the former prime shine which is now Mr. wash club to get my car wash and the young lady, who I must admit was very patient with me, told me she needed to put the new sticker on my windshield. My understanding that was not supposed to go in effect until October 6 but she said that she needed to do it now. I discussed with her about canceling the old sticker, so I do not get billed twice and she said it doesn’t work that way. I advised her my conversations with the corporate office and her manager at that particular store and she says now she’s telling it to me the right way.

The stickers she says both go on to the same account so there is no double billing, so there is no need to cancel the previous sticker on the door.

I have sent off an email to corporate office to get confirmation of this is that is the exact opposite what I was told by both corporate and the local manager at the prime shine in Ceres. But I do hope that she is correct. But is typical that one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing.

I guess the bottom line is the proof will be in the pudding if I get double billed. More to follow.

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  1. No prime shine in my future.

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