With the spooky season fast-approaching, fake blood, candy, spiders, and skeletons are starting to appear everywhere and Halloween decorations hitting the malls and online stores.

And if your fall plans involve watching Halloween movies or casting spells from the comfort of your couch, we’ve found the perfect Halloween gift for you.

On Etsy retailer, there’s a skull head bean bag chair for sale, where you can literally sit inside the skeleton mouth. This Halloween home addition is a dream come true, but you better act fast since only a few of them left.

The giant skull chair allows you to experience a whole new level of creepy. Instead of displaying the skull on the window or table, you can become part of if by snuggling inside the skull’s mouth.

Although sitting on the jaws of a giant skull doesn’t sound like the most comfortable position, the teeth on the chair are made of fabrics, instead of real bones.

The chair is pretty big, measuring 84cm x 75cm x 97cm, and it has an adjustable jaw that lets you convert the chair from a regular decoration to a comfy floor seat.

According to the description, “The SKULL Chair has a movable jaw which can be opened and closed, it can be functioned as a comfy low chair or an awesome decoration for your home.”

The manufacturer adds:

“The graphics on the beanbag is knitted with colored yarns, instead of printed… It can be taken apart and stored away in a few simple steps, and the covers can be taken off for washing.”

Since the covers of the giant skull are washable, you don’t have to worry about spilling Witches Brew Halloween cocktail on your favorite chair.

Whenever you’re not relaxing on the freaky chair, you can close its mouth, and place it near the doorway to scare your friends who might visit you.

Owning such an awesome chair doesn’t come cheap. It costs a whopping £449 (£376.17), but it’s high quality, and there’s free shipping worldwide. Plus, all of your visitors will be jealous of your devotion to all things creepy.

While some people might want the skull chair just for Halloween, you can also proudly display it all year round. (Yeah right!)