Fast food is convenient, cheap, and well – fast, but it isn’t always the healthy choice.

More and more we are hearing about the employees at fast food chains and how they treat their customers and a Taco Bell in Oklahoma City is the latest.

Officer Shawn Byrne and his wife, Amanda, went to the Taco Bell after a charity event where he ordered a steak quesadilla at the drive-thru window.

The employee who took their order walked over to two fellow employees after Shawn had placed his order and they looked over at Shawn and laughed.

When Shawn took a few bites of his quesadilla his mouth started to burn!

The following morning, Shawn’s eyes and mouth were still burning – that’s when he decided to go to the hospital.

Shawn ended up taking more than 127 hours of sick leave and if that’s not enough, two weeks later, Shawn developed appendicitis and had to have surgery!

Doctors say that the spicy quesadilla could have either caused or made the appendicitis worse!

Shawn had kept the leftover quesadilla, and it was tested.

It contained a high concentration of pepper and cologne (Shawn doesn’t wear cologne).

The investigation into the incident showed that two of the Taco Bell employees working the night Shawn visited the establishment had criminal records and surveillance video showed the employees tampering with Shawn’s food.

Officer Byrne has filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell and is seeking more than $75,000 in damages.

According to reports, one of the employees admitted that chipotle was put on the quesadilla, not quesadilla sauce.



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