There’s nothing as wholesome or heartwarming as seeing friendship blossoms at a very young age. If only we could learn to greet and adore each other the way these two toddlers do, perhaps the world would be a bit brighter.

In a quiet neighborhood in New York City, two best friend toddlers, Finnegan and Maxwell, were caught on camera running to hug each other on the streets after a mere two days apart.

The adorable moment was filmed by Maxwell’s father, Michael Cisneros, who then shared it on Facebook writing:

“It’s Thursday. These two haven’t seen each other since Tuesday. So many feels, it’s beautiful. So thankful.”

In the video, Maxwell and Finnegan can be seen running towards each other laughing and giggling. With their arms wide open, the two stops to give each other a long heartwarming hug.

The little Maxwell then points at Finnegan’s yellow truck, plays with it for a while and squeals before they both continue running down the street.

Since the video was posted, the internet has been gushing over the two adorable “BFFs.” The footage has been viewed more than 1,000,000 times and attracted thousands of comments.

One person commented:
“This is absolutely adorable. Some adults could really learn a thing or two from these two adorable little boys. Thank you so much for sharing your video. It really warmed my heart.”

Another said:
“Ah, the absolute joy of seeing your friend. This is how life should be, how we should treat each other. They don’t see any difference; actually, there is no difference. Just two little boys who are happy to their souls to see each other. We should all search for that place in our hearts and soul. Enjoy, boys, enjoy.”

A third Facebook user wrote:
“Why in the world have we ever stopped showing how happy we are to see everybody like this every day!”

According to Maxwell’s dad, the two toddlers have known each other for only a year, and they’ve already become inseparable and “partners in crime.”

And since they live in the same neighborhood, they always play together. The two even share the same bus to daycare every morning and attend music classes together.

Maxwell and Finnegan see each other almost every day and always do things together. But when they saw each other on the streets, they ran towards each other and hugged as if they haven’t met for years.

Maxwell’s dad told ABC New:

“When they are away from each other, they are always asking about one another. They go to music class together, Dana Banana (a weekly music event) and they love to dance – both are excellent dancers.”

In an interview with CBS Philly, Maxwell’s dad said:
“Definitely not staged. It was just a lucky moment, and I got it on camera.”

Describing the experience, he stated that he’d want him and his son to remember the moment in the future and smile.

He added:
“…now with all the attention that it’s getting, that’s just gonna be a great story to tell him when he’s older…”