It has been a good few weeks for chicken bites lovers, especially to those who like their order with a bit of a kick.

McDonald’s recently introduced its Spicy Chicken McNuggets. But now, KFC is getting in the action and has brought back its Daredevil bites, and we’re chomping to try them.

The best bites? Apparently, these bites are set to be hotter than ever and the spiciest on the KFC menu. They have three flavors, and one of them isn’t for the faint-hearted.

This signature classic is bound to make you beg for a glass of milk, my mouth is even tingling at the thought. So, if you’re the kind that tears up, sweat, or gets running nose while eating a Zinger wing, you better keep off from these.

KFC’s Daredevil Bites are in 3 Flavors

The KFC’s Inferno Bites will be available in three tongue-tingling flavors, and as the company insists, “they are not for the faint-hearted!”

And the spiciest of them all is the Piri Piri Inferno, then with a medium heat level, there’s the Fiery Buffalo which is a good middle ground if you don’t want to sweat uncontrollably over your food.

Then there’s the third option, Sweet Chilli, for those who want to have their chicken out of the spicier stuff.

These tasty bites of boneless breadcrumbed heaven are similar to crispy, just like the regular KFC chicken, but covered in one of the three sauce flavors to spice up your life.

How much are the Daredevil Bites?

The bites cost from $1.99 for four pieces, so you’ll be able to sample all three flavors without spending much.

Or, you can buy the bites for $7, as part of a meal, and they come with chips, a spicy Zinger Burger, a side and a drink. This combination is difficult to resist!

When Will the Bites be Available?

The bad news is that the Daredevil bites will only be available until 20th October, giving you roughly one month to feel the burn. So, you better act fast if you’re curious to try them.

We first spotted KFC Daredevil bites back in 2014, but they were ditched from the restaurants’ menus two years later.

The reason for their removal? We’re yet to know. Thankfully, they’re back to rival the slightly lacking McDonald’s spicy nugget’s heat.

Social media users are pretty excited about the bites too.

One Twitter user wrote:

“Life is now complete, they have the Daredevil bites back at KFC. Yum bloody yum.”