Northern California is a great place to be for those with an interest in the paranormal. Our region of the state is full of historic spots, and that means there are a lot of haunts to check out too! In fact, there are entire towns that are just filled with ghost stories, and Napa is one of them. Many would consider the city of Napa one of the most haunted towns in Northern California, but we’ll let you decide that for yourself after you embark on this unique ghost walk. During this walking tour, visitors will be led to all of Napa’s creepiest spots and you may just come across a ghost or two as well.

See a side of Napa you’ve never seen before when you go on the Napa City Ghosts & Legends Walking Tour. Both a paranormal investigation and historical tour, you’ll definitely be entertained from beginning to end!

The Ghosts & Legends Walking Tour offers visitors interactive tours of historic Napa City, but with a “spooky twist.” During the tour, you’ll learn all about Napa’s various legends, scandals, mysteries, and all of the spirits they’ve left behind.

Tours take place on Thursday and Saturday evenings at 8:00 p.m. You’ll start this spooky journey off at the old Napa Courthouse before taking off on foot to all of Napa’s allegedly haunted spots.

Tours last approximately 90 minutes to two hours. On the way, you’ll hear all sorts of creepy ghost stories. You’ll meet characters and spirits with fascinating backstories, like an eccentric photographer who was acquitted of murder.

One of the most fascinating stories concerns the legend of Billy Roe. Roe was a serial killer who was executed at the gallows in 1897. You’ll discuss Billy’s death and try to interact with his spirit.

The owners of the tour company, Ellen MacFarlane and Devin Sisk, are both incredibly passionate about ghosts—and it shows! In fact, they even host ghost tours in the nearby communities of Sonoma and Vacaville.

Who knew some of Northern California’s scariest haunts were hiding out in Napa Wine Country? Become a ghost hunter for the night and be sure to check out this ghost walk the next time you need a good scare.

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