There sure are plenty of bridge that are worthy of appreciation here in our state. If you consider yourself a “bridge hunter”, you’ve likely visited many of them for yourself. However, there’s one suspension bridge in Northern California that has remained one of our region’s best-kept secrets. Located at Sims Flat Campground, this bridge represents an important piece of regional history. The fact that it’s completely surrounded by stunning natural beauty is just the cherry on top! Visit this bridge and learn about its history for a unique outing you’re bound to remember.

Bridge enthusiasts sure do have a lot of destinations to explore here in Northern California, but one of the most under appreciated bridges can be found at Sims Flat Campground. This bridge is definitely a sight for sore eyes, but it also represents some fascinating history.

Sims Flat Campground can be found just off I-5 south of Castella. Surrounded by natural beauty and located right along the Sacramento River, the campground itself makes for a dreamy adventure destination—but it’s also so much more than that.

You’ll find the 160-foot suspension bridge located at the entrance to the campground. It’s definitely a beauty to look at, but it’s the bridge’s history that makes it so unique. This is because it was the first major construction project undertaken by the CCC crews in the United States.

The Civilian Conservation Corps completed the suspension bridge under the supervision of the U.S. Forest Service back in 1933. Comprised of old steel girders and a wooden deck, the bridge was originally built to provide access to Sims Flat from the main road.

These days, it’s solely used as a footbridge, and the views it boasts are simply outstanding. Walk across it and enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the Sacramento River and the surrounding forest scenery. It’s pretty incredible!

It turns out the entire region is just loaded with history. A hiking trail called the Sims History Trail will take you on a journey back in time as it passes by the ruins of the Depression-era CCC camp which includes old barracks, a sawmill, and a delightful stone staircase.

If you’re looking for a camping spot that offers both breathtaking natural scenery and fantastic regional history, Sims Flat is the perfect choice. Boasting 19 campsites, many of which are right along the river, this campground is definitely one of NorCal’s best-kept secrets.

To find the campground, take I-5 south from Mt. Shasta city for approximately 20 miles. Take the Sims exit and turn left under the freeway, continuing another mile across a bridge that crosses the Sacramento River. The campground entrance can be found on the right.

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