Someone has taken upon themselves to go to the clerks office and look up the verdict in the civil case. I have not seen the information myself to confirm, Nor know exactly who this person is as was an anonymous comment.

OK, I went to the clerk’s office. I was told to look on their computer for the court docket. I pulled up the court docket. There was no judgment showing as having been entered yet, but there was a jury verdict. I could not pull up the jury verdict on the computer. So, I asked the court clerk. She said it was marked, “Confidential.” I told her that I wanted to see the document pursuant to the California Public Records Act. Like magic, she produced the jury verdict for me. It is a little strange. The jury found that Steve Jacobsen did assault Frank Carson and did act with malice, but, it appears, no damages were awarded. I am assuming the jury found that Frank suffered no compensable damages or injuries.


  1. Nice work Dawg! Does this mean we can assualt people so long as we don’t injure them too badly? Just go around slapping shit out of their hands? Playing cowboys and Indians…yee-haw!

    1. This is fat Nick whom the detectives mentioned boooy do I have a story to sell

      1. Author


  2. In that county why would you expect anything in Frank Carson’s favor: he lost to Fladager and elections have consequences.

  3. Marty, I am the one who went to the clerk’s office. I sent you an attachment of the Jury Verdict. Check your email.

    1. Can we all see the attachment of the Jury’s verdict?

    2. Author

      I have not received it

  4. Another slap on the wrist. When will this County stop letting them get away with their shit.

  5. mr bunch is a piece of shit – live long Modesto

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