Dawg says: Dulce is a relative of mine living in the Philippines and has an incredible voice and it shows how much pleasure she gets from singing.


I’m Dulce Lopez. A full-time mom and a piano teacher. I took up a Bachelor’s degree in Music Majoring in Piano and Minor in voice at Philippine Women’s University College of Music and Arts. Back when I was in college, I was part of the Philippine Music Ensemble, a group of talented students headed by Dean Emeritus Lucrecia Kasilag. The group was invited for a Goodwill tour by the government of Peoples Republic of China and Hongkong year 1986 and the United States of America to all 10 States around America year 1991. The group performs to the Filipino community in the USA, a wide variety of ethnic to contemporary music was on their Repertoire. Singing is my passion, I felt good whenever I sing, I can release my emotion through every song I perform. Music is an art that goes in the ear straight to the heart.