Pure dumb luck. That is how a Bronx man is free tonight, after being arrested two times for illegal firearms possession. He was facing years in prison if convicted.

Ebrima Faal walked into a Bronx courthouse having been arrested twice for gun possession and walked out with both cases dismissed. He then boasted about it on Facebook

NYC man brags after felony cases tossed when cops killed, arrested

When both cases were tossed out last week because of the fates of his arresting officers, Faal, 21, celebrated on Facebook, writing “JUST BEAT 2 GUN CASES” above an emoji of a flexing bicep. His jubilant message soon garnered over 130 likes from pals and more than 50 comments of praise like “As u should my guy.”


Ebrima Faal’s arresting officers in one bust was shot to death two months later in a tragic case of friendly fire. And the cop who claimed to catch him with a gun in the other case went on to be arrested for child porn.

“I’m just a victim,” he told the Daily News. “I’m sorry. I’m not happy about what happened.”

“I can’t talk about the cases. Of course, I’m not guilty.”

NYPD sources insist Faal was carrying guns in both incidents and that he’s fortunate to be free.

On July 17, Faal was busted for possession of a .25-caliber handgun at Crotona Ave. and Garden St., just up the block from where he lives with his parents, police sources said.

The arresting officer, Brian Mulkeen, was killed Sept. 29 during a tragic case of friendly fire while trying to arrest Antonio Williams, an armed ex-con who bolted when cops tried to question him about gang activity.

Police said Williams reached for his own gun but Mulkeen fired his weapon five times before the ex-con could get off a shot. The officers behind Mulkeen started shooting as well, striking Mulkeen twice and killing him. Williams also died in the blaze of bullets.

According to the New York Post, Faal was also busted on Feb. 1, 2018, by ex-NYPD officer John Telesca on Webster Avenue and Fordham Road in Fordham Manor and charged with criminal possession of a weapon for allegedly carrying a black .40-caliber Glock, authorities said.

Telesca, 37, was arrested at his Port Chester home in August for allegedly having and emailing dozens of pictures of naked children – some as young as 8, according to police.

He was charged with promoting and possessing obscene sexual performance of a child and suspended by the department without pay following the arrest.

Telesca, who was released on $5,000 bail after his arraignment in Port Chester Village Court, resigned from the NYPD sometime after, police said.

Law enforcement sources said that Faal’s gun case involving Telesca was thrown out as a result of Telesca’s arrest.

O’Shaughnessy confirmed to The Post Wednesday that the two gun-related cases against Faal were dismissed and sealed last month.

Meanwhile, Faal, who was again arrested in The Bronx on June 25 and charged with criminal sale and possession of marijuana, is slated to appear in court on that case in December.

We shared the story of Mulkeen’s death in September.

Moments after we shared the video of a New York Police Department officer singing just an hour before he was killed… we learned that his death was the result of friendly fire.

Brian Mulkeen was a 33-year-old member of The Bronx Anti-Crime Unit.  They were investigating gang activity at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday – activity which included recent shootings.

Three officers in one police car left their vehicle to question a man, who then took off on foot. The officers caught up to him.

In the incident, which was caught on body cam, Officer Mulkeen and his partner tried to apprehend the man, which lead to a violent struggle on the ground.

In the body cam, Officer Mulkeen can be heard yelling:

“He’s reaching for it; he’s reaching for it.”

Those were the last words that Officer Mulkeen ever spoke.

Police now say that Mulkeen’s partners fired 10 rounds, two of which struck officer Mulkeen.  It was previously reported that Mulkeen was hit three times.

O’Neill added that Mulkeen fired five rounds at the suspect.

The criminal was pronounced dead on the scene and police recovered his .32 caliber revolver.

According to officials over the weekend, the suspect’s gun did not appear to have been fired.

Police radio transmissions called out the worried panic of officers at the scene:

“Shots fired shots fired shots fired guys! I need a bus! I need a bus!” a male officer shouted, using police jargon for an ambulance.

“Laconia and 229!” another shouted of the shooting location.

According to Police Commissioner O’Neill, Mulkeen was appointed on January 9, 2013 and had served for nearly seven years. He lived in Yorktown Heights with his girlfriend, who is also a police officer in the Bronx at the 44th precinct.

Mulkeen “was a great cop,” the chief added.

At the press conference, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who many argue has contributed to this war on law enforcement, flanked Chief Monahan.

Monahan called the officer “a hero” and “brave,” and stressed he had been doing “a job that New Yorkers needed him to do.”

PBA President Pat Lynch in asking all of New York to pray for both Mulkeen’s heartbroken family along with his grieving NYPD family.

“This is a very, very sad day for our city,” Mayor de Blasio said at the press conference. “We lost a hero this evening …  This is a young man who made a choice to join the NYPD and put his life on the line.”

The mayor said that Mulkeen’s mother and father, sister and girlfriend had rushed to Jacobi hospital, where they learned about his death.

“We broke the news to them and one of the things they told us, even though their grief, was that Brian made a choice. He wanted to leave civilian life … he wanted to protect our city … he gave his life for all of us.”

Lynch called the suspect, “This soulless individual,” and shared his grief for the family:

“Their hero — our hero — is not coming home.”

Police say the suspect was a 27-year-old who was on probation until 2022 for a narcotics-related arrest last year.


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