Babies You Might Still Own That Are Worth A Lot

In the 90s, many of us had a few or even dozens of Beanie Babies. We all thought these collections were going to worth a fortune one day.

And it turns out that we were right.

Unfortunately, we trashed these precious collections as we grew up. But if you still have your Beanie Babies, today is your lucky day.

Here are 20 most valuable Beanie Babies worth a fortune.

20 Spangle – $1,290

This is the cheapest Beanie Baby, but it’s still worth the price of a MacBook.

19 Gobbles – $6,667

Gobbles is a rare 1996 Beanie Baby. All of his value lies in his tag, and it’s currently costing more money than I’ve ever received in my bank account at once.

18 Snort – $7,500

Snort is a red bull, but he’ll not give you wings. Unless you sell him, and you can buy a plane ticket.

17 Holiday Teddy – $10,000

This is a 1996-97 Beanie Baby, and it’s valuable because of its errors.

16 Pouch – $10,000

These collections are like two Beanie Babies in one. Pouch the Kangaroo and his baby Bongo.

15 Halo – $13,500

How can a stuffed bear be worth more than I am? My life has no meaning anymore.

14 Britannia the Bear – $13,995

This toy came from McDonald’s and is from 1997.

13 Hope -$15,000

This is Hope, and he’s the praying Beanie Baby. He was a hit in 1999.

12 Jake – $19,000

Hi there, my name is Jake, the duck, and what was the question again? Oh yeah, I’m worth $19,000.

11 Patti the Platypus – $19,500

This Beanie Baby comes in four colors, this one is “magenta” and is worth everything I own. The other colors are raspberry, fuchsia, and maroon.

10 Seaweed – $30,000

Oh my goodness, look at this cutie!

9 Claude the Crab – $30,000

The first Beanie Baby to have his own poem. “Claude the crab paints by the sea; A famous artist he hopes to be; But the tide came in, and his paints fell; Now his art is on his shell!”

8 Valentino – $42,299

Here’s my entire year’s salary.

7 Blackie the Bear – $50,000

He’s the most real looking bear out of all the Beanie Babies.

6 Hippity – $50,000

This little Beanie Baby is worth about a year of college tuition.

5 Bubbles – $176,000

This Ty isn’t a bear at all. It’s a cute little fish.

4 Peace Bear & Pals – $358,000

You could buy an apartment with this Beanie. That’s all I have to say, thank you.

3 Ariel & Pals – $578,000

Ariel and friends Issy, Ariel, and Peanut, worth $578,000 each.

2 Princess Bear – $675,000

She was introduced in 1997 and dedicated to Princess Diana. Apparently, she is the rarest of all the Beanie Babies and Princess Bears.

1 Wallace & Friends – $680,000

Here are things that cost less than “Wallace.” My dignity, a brand new Tesla and a beach house in Hawaii