Winter is a great time of year to explore our state’s most beautiful landscapes. After all, many of Northern California’s most gorgeous destinations become even more worth seeing when they are covered in snow! Lake Tahoe is one of those places. Although definitely a popular summer spot, the lake totally transforms into a winter wonderland once the snow begins to fall. Seeing it at winter is a must for any nature lover, and you can really get the most of your experience when you spend some time at Adventure Mountain—an epic snow park complete with sledding, snow play, and a day lodge. This scenic winter getaway destination is bound to leave you with some great memories so read on to learn all about it!

Plan a scenic winter getaway to Lake Tahoe this year and consider a stop at the magnificent Adventure Mountain. Located in South Lake Tahoe, this place is like a little bit of winter paradise and it’s so worth visiting this time of year.

Located on top of 40-acres of machine-groomed, snowy landscapes, Adventure Mountain is a snow play resort that will thrill your entire family. It makes for a fantastic place to spend the day playing in the snow and making unforgettable winter memories.

This family owned and operated resort is a true winter wonderland. Located at an elevation of 7,350-feet, this place is definitely never short on snow. Adventure Mountain is home to just about every type of snow play you can think of, with an emphasis on tubing and sledding.

The resort boasts 15 fantastic sledding runs. Guests are welcome to bring their own sleds and tubes to use on the runs, but you can always rent or buy from them as well. For safety reasons, they do not allow metal or wooden sleds.

The tubing and sledding runs are well-groomed and they are a total blast for both young and old. It’s impossible to fly down the mountain without a giant grin stretched across your face. Especially when surrounded by a view like this!

If you get cold or tired, you can recharge inside of Adventure Mountain’s very own lodge. Here you can warm up by the fire, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, dine at the Mountainside Cafe, or enjoy the view from the lodge’s patio.

Additionally, there is plenty of room at Adventure Mountain for casual snowplay, like building a giant snowball or snowman. This resort is a snowy paradise that is just begging to be explored this year, so be sure to make a family outing to this place soon.

This year, Adventure Mountain plans to open on December 6 for the 2019-2020 season. Click here to learn about entry fees and more.

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Address: Nebelhorn, Hwy 50, Echo Summit, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96155, USA