1. Dawg, you asked if Frank could testify if criminal charges are pending in his perjury case. The answer is yes, unless he takes the 5th. He can take the 5th to any question of which the answer would tend to incriminate him in the perjury or any other crime, or could cause him to lose his bar license. But what about questions that would tend to incriminate him in charges that have already been dismissed? He could theoretically still lose his bar license. Although he cannot be convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, he could lose his bar license for it, so he could take the 5th on those types of questions. So, he probably can take the 5th to most of the prosecution’s questions.Imo.
    One time, some knucklehead attorney called me to the stand claiming I had waived the attorney client privilege and therefore could be compelled to testify, even though I was the attorney representing the other side. I took the 5th to almost every question she asked me.

  2. So, instead of the court or the DA deciding whether Carson may continue to represent Wells, the court is leaving it up to Robert Woody to make that decision. Wow. Just, wow. Let’s think about that. Robert Woody is facing a sentencing hearing. There are a lot of issues up in the air. How much credit will he get for time served? Will he be released immediately, or will he stay incarcerated for another year or 2? Ya think Woody just might give the prosecutor the decision they want? Naw, not Woody. He would never do that.

    The only reason there is a potential conflict is because Woody has not been sentenced yet, so he is, theoretically, still a co-defendant. The real solution would be to sentence Woody before he testifies. Then there would be no conflict. And now we know the real reason the prosecution has not sentenced Woody yet, so they could continue to manipulate him like their puppet. But, but,but, Judge Z cannot decide when Woody will be sentenced, that is between the prosecution and Woody’s attorney. No, but she can dismiss the case, and should dismiss the case, because the prosecution is effectively preventing Woody from having counsel of his choice. And people do have a right to choose their attorney. To say people have a right to an attorney, but cannot choose which one they want, if they can pay for it, is, in of itself a deprivation of right to counsel.

    1. I meant, preventing Wells from having counsel of his choice.
      It is not and it should not be Wells’ problem that the DA has an out of control witness that they cannot trust to say what they want him to say unless they have coercive power over him. It is wrong for the DA and the Judge to continue this charade in so many ways and on so many levels. Things like this will just keep cropping up because this case is such a farce. It amazes me that Judge Z actually admitted that a different judge may have decided to not hold Wells over to trial. Did she just admit bias? This case is even more ridiculous than the case against Frank Carson. I do not think any rational person could possibly believe Wells can be found guilty of anything. If Woody, in his sound judgment and remarkable acumen, decides to not let Frank Carson be Wells’ attorney it will be because the case is a farce. This case makes a mockery of the constitution and of individual rights. This case rewards criminal conduct and punishes the innocent. A case like this should never ever happen in America. Have our courts become this unstable? If we can no longer get justice in our courts, where are we going to go to get it? How are we going to get it? This case is an example of how rapidly we are losing our inalienable rights. They indoctrinate our children in public schools by telling them they are nothing but an ape. If someone is nothing but an ape, he has no inalienable, God given rights, does he? And now, politicians are actually running for office under the banner of socialism, which is another way of saying individuals have no inalienable rights, because there is no God. It is the doctrine of hopelessness, licentiousness, and despotism. This case is a microcosm of what America is becoming.

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