1. What, they gave up on trying to drag it out anymore?

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  2. 8 to 0. You don’t need a DA and DDA to spend millions and end up with that score. Thank the Lord it is over for Wells.

  3. It’s about time!!! Thank God it is over for all of them!!!

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      Agreed! been going on to long

    2. I bet Judge Zuniga is so upset to hear there never was a case to begin with. All the law research she had to conduct as co-prosecutor to drag these never ending bullshit trials along. Go To Hell along with the Stanislaus DA!

    3. Thank you for everything Juror #11!!!!!

  4. Hot Dog! Law suit time! Get ready Stan County residents. You are going to see Bay Area sales taxes.

  5. Stanislaus County voters had the chance to vote this worthless bitch out of office. Now will come the pain and suffering to the County thanks to the voters that just sat around and did nothing. Maybe now you might want to think about a recall to stop further bullshit cases from following suit.

  6. So… When can we expect these idiots (to put it kindly) to face censure, disbarment, etc…? I’m sure Zuniga padded her retirement enough that only criminal charges would affect her.

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