The Baltimore Police Department released its annual analysis revealing information about who last year’s murder victims and suspects were.

According to police, the numbers reveal people with a criminal history are killing people with a criminal history. In the majority of the cases, the motive is listed as unknown. The 11 News I-Team first reported the information Monday.

According to the Baltimore Police Department Analysis of Crime Victims, 81.9% of victims had prior criminal records, 67% had previous drug arrests, 44% were arrested for gun crimes and 16.1% were also victims of prior nonfatal shootings.

The number of homicides in Baltimore City reached 348 in 2019, which represents the second-highest total since the all-time record of 353 homicides in 1993.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison acknowledges the high number of homicides is unacceptable and disturbing. He said the Police Department is working to address a critical manpower shortage, which the police union has sharply criticized.

“I remain laser-focused on providing the leadership that the men and women of this department and the citizens need and deserve,” Harrison said.

The Police Department’s analysis of the backgrounds of suspects is also revealing, showing 81.4% of suspects had prior records, 60.5% had previous drug arrests, 44.2% have been arrested for gun crimes and 12.8% were prior homicide suspects.

According to police, a majority of the victims are adult African American men between the ages of 25 and 34, and most died from multiple gunshot wounds, followed by shots to the head. The clearance rate solving the crimes is 31%.

“We are working diligently to correct by adding more manpower, training our detectives to increase our level of competency, make sure the caseload is appropriate,” Harrison said.

Most of the crimes are taking place on the street. According to police, handguns are the weapon of choice.