This Nostalgic Amusement Park In Northern California Will Remind You Of Simpler Times

Disneyland may belong to the southern portion of our state, but Northern California is home to an abundance of thrilling parks that are sure to leave an impression. The amusement park featured here has been a staple in the community for generations. This is the type of place that just oozes with nostalgia for simpler times. Unplug for a bit and spend the afternoon taking advantage of this park’s charming rides and delightful atmosphere. You’re bound to create some memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Since it originally opened in 1946, generations of Northern Californians have been making unforgettable memories at Funderland Amusement Park in Sacramento. This low-key attraction has all you need for an afternoon filled with fun.

The park is small, but it’s mighty. In fact, it’s something like a miniature Disneyland! Funderland is home to just nine different rides, but you’ll find that there’s a whole lot to love about this park.

Funderland contains everything there is to love about amusement parks from the good ol’ days. Cute characters, music, the smell of popcorn in the air; these types of places bring back memories of simpler times.

The rides are geared towards children, but adults will likely have a blast on them as well. The Flying Dragon Roller Coaster is one of the more intense rides in the park and is perfect for the young thrill-seekers in your family.

There are plenty of low-intensity rides for those who like to take it nice and slow, as well. The Crazy Cups are a classic! Be sure to check out the Carousel, Funderland Train, and Log Ride too.

For even more leisurely fun, hop aboard one of the park’s backroads buggies which takes you on a track around the park. There’s no denying the simplicity and kitsch of this adorable park, but that’s what makes it such a great place to visit.


Whereas amusement parks like Disneyland are sure to set you back a pretty penny, Funderland is extremely economical. Admission doesn’t cost a thing, and single ride tickets are just $2.25 (with discounts when bought in bulk).

Many of California’s parks have changed drastically over the years, but Funderland has stayed blissfully the same. For more information about this charming little park, visit their website here.

Doesn’t this little amusement park just absolutely wonderful? If you thought this place was charming, then you’ll fall in love with this enchanting train-themed amusement park in Northern California. The whole family is guaranteed to love this place!