California Highway Patrol officers from the Hayward area contacted an individual at the Hayward DMV office who was unknowingly attempting to register a stolen car he had purchased.

After officers determined he had purchased the car without knowing it was stolen, they told him the car would be impounded and he was free to leave.

The individual asked the officer for his backpack that was in the car. The officer told him he would have to prove the backpack was his due to it being inside a stolen vehicle.

The individual told the officer there was DMV paperwork inside the backpack that had his name on it.

Officers checked the backpack and found the DMV paperwork, along with a loaded CZ 75 pistol, a large amount of marijuana and edibles, more than 80 grams of crack cocaine, more than 7 grams of powder cocaine and more than 26 grams of methamphetamine.

Additionally, they located a scale, bags for distribution and a skeleton mask.

CHP officers have yet to release additional details.