An arrest warrant has been issued for free-agent receiver Antonio Brown, via Andy Slater of FOX Sports 640. Brown faces charges of burglary with battery.

The warrant arises from a Tuesday incident during which Brown refused to pay the driver of a moving truck for delivering property from California. Brown allegedly threw a rock at the truck as the driver left with the property. Then, when the moving company informed the driver to return after Brown supposedly agreed to pay the $4,000 plus an extra $860, Brown allegedly refused to pay more than $4,000, allegedly battered the driver, and allegedly removed his property from the truck after Glenn Holt, who already has been arrested, took the keys and opened the doors to the truck.

Slater adds that “there is no bond,” but that’s presumably a decision that would be made by a judge after Brown is arrested and processed.

Either way, Brown faces a serious legal problem. And the fact that a warrant has been issued means that locking himself in his house no longer will work. If he doesn’t voluntarily come out, the police will be going in.



  1. How many “Participation Trophies” did he receive as a child ?

    1. Author

      He is a talented guy who has had many people kissing his ass because he could catch a ball. He developed a inflated sense of importance that has caused him to undermine his value. He is nothing more than a clown now and would be a cancer on a team, he cant play well with others.

  2. That is a fine analysis of the poor fellow. He has frittered away his God given assets.

    1. Author

      This all looks incredibly similar to another player, a QB, who cant find a job in the NFL either.

  3. That one displayed some real talent until he took a drink from the Maxine Waters fountain.

    1. Author

      Just for info his girlfreind is heavy into the BLM movement, and he was close to signing with the Raven last year until she started tweeting nasty things about the owner. It is a dog and pony show for attention, and has made him a lot of money.

  4. Pu“y whipped? It never seems to stop.

    1. Author

      We all have a story……..

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