OnBuy.com wants to hire someone to test out their sex toys

A very special online store wants to hire an ‘intimate customer service manager’… yes, that’s right. They want someone to test and give expert advice on sex toys and how to enjoy the ultimate experience.

This role, recently advertised by UK company OnBuy.com, requires you to test out and get up close and personal with their intimate products, such as sex toys, sexual care, erotic media, lubricants and erotic games. The purpose is to pass on your professional advice to their customers.

The company says they have been inundated with over 500 queries about their toys per month from people wondering how to effectively use their products.  The company wants to look after its frustrated clients, so they are in need of one lucky person to join their ‘friendly’, ‘fastpaced’ team and become the sex toy guru.

The successful candidate will be sent a selection of products monthly for them to become specialists in their field and be able to answer customers effectively.  The annual salary would be over $70,000 and candidates can apply from anywhere in the world, but you need a “proven knowledge of sexual products.”.  Could this be the most incredible job in the world?

Those applying for the position must have prior experience in this area and excellent customer and communication skills. The benefits; a generous salary, flexible hours, working at home and free products.

We think this company has taken over from the likes of the silicon giants like Facebook and Google for looking after their staff. This company has taken it one step further, with the biggest perk of the job being free orgasms.

Sounds like a dream job.