Are you the type of person that loves exploring Nevada’s many abandoned sites? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this scenic hike that takes you through a stunning southern Nevada landscape and straight to an abandoned cabin. The sight of this cabin is the perfect reward after a long and challenging hike. Take a look at the hike below and start planning your own adventure!

Hiding within the La Madre Mountain Wilderness are all sorts of treasures. Picking up where the more popular La Madre Springs trail leaves off, the hike to La Madre Cabin is considered a moderate hike through a remote area. However, it definitely pays off with the sight of an old abandoned cabin and even an abandoned mine.

You’ll find the trailhead in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area about an hour away from Las Vegas. Park at the Willow Springs Trailhead. You can click here for a trail map.

The trail through the canyon is relatively short, but it will definitely take you a good chunk of timr The landscape is very rugged and there are various parts along the trail that you have to carefully traverse. If you take your time, you should be fine. Don’t worry, the view is worth it!

The trail eventually leads you straight to an old stone miner’s cabin. There are rumors that this historic structure has been used by the likes of outlaws and drifters and even cowboys and miners. The story behind it isn’t well-known, but there’s something spectacular about discovering it for yourself.

It’s estimated that the cabin was built by miners sometime during the 1920s, but there’s no way to know for sure. Over the years, the effects of time weathered the cabin and it was eventually torn down by vandals. What you see today is the result of people taking the time to carefully reconstruct it.

If you head up the trail a little further, you’ll even arrive at the actual mine itself. We definitely don’t recommend exploring inside the mine, but it’s a fascinating sight to see up-close.

Be sure to leave plenty of energy for the trek back down since the trail is quite steep in some areas. If you feel so inclined, you can even make this into an overnight adventure by obtaining a permit from the park staff. Just remember to leave everything as you found it and try not to disturb the remains of these amazing and historic structures.

Doesn’t this abandoned cabin look amazing? It really makes you wonder about the history of this region.