As everyone knows I put up a variety of different things here on Dawgs Blog. I try to have some fun and be informative.

On November 25, 2019 I put up this MEME all in fun and as a joke about our Government ways:

Face crooks in their strange ways has independent groups fact checking Facebook posts.

One group is PolitiFact, and that is what they did, fact checked a funny MEME and determined it was fake news. ( I could have saved them time and told them so)

Of course, it was fake news it was a joke and all in fun. It was not a commentary or editorial it was a funny MEME.

Here are the results of what then happened:

Note there is no appeal button to explain the situation, or any way to contact anyone about the MEME.

They restricted my distribution and gave no time frame nor how to avoid these issues in the future.

So, the post now looks like this:

I have contacted PolitiFact for any explanation why they would fact check a funny MEME but as of this writing they have not responded. I wonder if they get paid by the number of corrections.

I have decided this is one of those situations that shows how out of control some things in our society are and why we are in the dire division we see in our country today.

Another lesson learned. SMH

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