Just a quick update on a couple things that I have heard and I want to emphasize these are just rumors at this time and I am attempting to get confirmation.

On February 26, 2020 Frank Carson had a short hearing date department to in front of Judge Zuniga, it was just a continuation date that was rescheduled for May 26, 2020. Department #2 is now been assigned to Judge Besse. I am not aware of the exact calendar that judge Bessie runs in that courtroom but is supposed to be a heavy calendar. Again I have no confirmation but I received information that judge Zuniga had insisted that the morning calendar for judge Bessie be heard in a different courtroom in the basement, as she was not willing to go to that different courtroom herself. Judge Zuniga’s hearing lasted all of five minutes, as it was just a simple continuation.

I have made several calls and left messages to the court staff to ascertain the truthfulness of that information but have received no response, and I will still continue to try to find out.

In addition, recently Dawgs Blog had reported that the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office had turned over the Frank Carson perjury case to the attorney general’s office and declared a conflict, based on all the civil lawsuits that are involved in this case now.

On this recent court appearance on February 26, 2020 Marlisa Ferriera did appear for the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office and the Atty. Gen.’s office was not present. After making some inquiries I received information, understand again that has not been confirmed, that the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office would not turn over the case to the attorney general’s office if they were going to simply dismiss the case. They wanted to continue the prosecution on this case, and possibly the appearance of Marlisa Ferriera in court two days ago is what has happened.

For two days I’ve been making contact with the Atty. Gen.’s office to ascertain if they were asked to take over the case and in fact I have talked to one individual who took my information and what I was inquiring about and passed it on to the appropriate people. At the time of this writing no response has been received by the Atty. Gen.’s office

So, until we get some confirmation, I will keep trying to gather this information for the sake of accuracy. And I must emphasize this is not confirmed information just something that I’m working on to find out for sure.

If anyone has any information in this situation, please feel free to contact me



  1. There is a conflict only if the Attorney General won’t dismiss, but there is not a conflict if they will dismiss? That makes no sense. Could be that the attorney general found there was no conflict, and told Fladager to either dismiss or try the case. Just speculating

    1. Author

      The point is Fladager will not let the charges be dropped but maybe only wanted to appear to do the right thing. but since they will not return calls we are all speculating.

  2. Always personal vendetta

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