Las Cruces, N.M. police car at school where officer shot through a wall

A mother sued Las Cruces, N.M., its Police Department and school resource Officer Francisco Estrada, claiming Estrada had a bad idea and shot his pistol at a target on the wall of his office, knowing the principal’s office was on the other side, and the bullet missed her son’s ear by inches, terrifying him and costing him his hearing in that ear.

The Las Cruces School Resource officer has been criminally cited for accidentally firing his gun.

Police say Francisco Estradas’ gun went off in his office at Picacho Middle School. No one else was in the office at the time, and no one was hit. It’s not yet known why the gun fired, but Estrada is charged with a misdemeanor of improper use of a firearm.

He’s been with LCPD for eight years, including four as a school resource officer.


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  1. Almost a “Dipshidiot” if I may borrow a term.

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