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The Remote Hike To Maggie’s Peaks In Northern California Winds Through A Pine Forest And Granite Lake

Northern California was made for those with an adventurous spirit. After all, NATURE TREKS ALLOWED STILL, the adventures are endless in our golden region of the state! We’re constantly adding new things to our bucket list, and featured here is a remote hike that you’ll definitely want to add to yours. This 3.6-mile hike winds through stunning scenery including dense pine forests and a beautiful alpine lake before ascending to an incredible viewpoint called Maggie’s Peaks. It’s not a super easy jaunt by any means, but you’ll find that the view at the end makes it worth every single step.

Overlooking the stunning blue waters of Lake Tahoe and the Desolation Wilderness which surrounds it, Maggie’s Peaks is a viewpoint worth seeking out. You’ll find it at the end of a 3.6-mile hiking trail near Tahoma.

The trail begins at Bayview Campground. Be aware that all hikers must fill out a free Desolation Wilderness permit, and the trail is only open during spring and summer. Additionally, the trail is short but it contains some steep switchbacks, so plan accordingly.

After setting off on the trail, hikers will be led into a dense forest that’s filled with towering pine trees and lush scenery. You’ll even be treated to magnificent views of Emerald Bay and the beautiful Lake Tahoe itself through the trees!

The first mile or so of the trail boasts some steep elevation gain, so take it easy so you don’t wear yourself out. The trail flattens out after 1.1-mile, and this is also where you’ll arrive at the gorgeous Granite Lake. The small alpine lake makes for a great resting point, especially during the heat of the summer.

Keep going because the views just get better and better the farther you go along the trail. After Granite Lake, hikers will follow a ledge that boasts magnificent views of other alpine lakes in the distance before being led into a saddle between the two Maggie’s peaks.

There isn’t an official trail that leads to the summit of either peak, but most hikers find it easy enough to navigate. You can choose which peak you’d like to climb to (or do both!), and each one offers an outstanding vantage point. Once at the top, you’ll be in awe of the view before you.

From Maggie’s Peaks, hikers can admire the beautiful Cascade Lake to the northwest, Fallen Leaf Lake to the east, Velma Lake to the west, and of course, Lake Tahoe’s brilliant waters. Additionally, the rugged Desolation backcountry provides the perfect backdrop. This is one view you’ll be glad you climbed to, so check out the trail to Maggie’s Peaks for a stellar adventure!

Have you completed this remote hike before? What’s your favorite hike to accomplish when you feel like a secluded and scenic adventure? Let us know in the comments! For more recommended adventures, check out this list of 11 Trails In Northern California You Must Take If You Love The Outdoors.


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