You’ve probably seen it all over by now— Your Facebook friends posting their senior photos in support of 2020 seniors impacted by Coronavirus.

If you haven’t already joined in on the fun, the Better Business Bureau says ‘don’t start now.’ While there’s nothing wrong with showing us your old senior photos, what you write in the caption is a different story.


“Sharing our graduation ceremony, year, or the high school name or the city we each grew up in.

That information is sometimes, and often times, our user and passwords and also the answers to our security questions online,” the BBB’s Communications Director Bao Vang said.

Vang says the BBB hasn’t seen these specific claims yet, but says they have seen a surge of scam activity during this pandemic.

“Scammer and hackers, while they’re looking and searching the web for this valuable information, you just handed it to them,” Vang said.

Vang adds if you’ve already participated in the challenge, it’s not too late to take your post down.

She says you should also change any passwords or security questions that could be compromised.

“When we ‘like’ something, or comment, or share something that information is compounded and shared with your network of people, and then it just grows and grows and grows.

So, a lot of different eyes could be on your own personal information, you just don’t know where it’s going on the world wide web,” Vang explained.

The BBB also warns you from taking part in any other online trends or challenges that may pop up on your feeds in the future.

“It could be a game, it could be a fun quiz, it could be just telling people that you have a favorite top 10 show or you have favorite athletes,” Vang said.

She says while it all seems harmless, it’s important to take this warning seriously.

“It doesn’t take much to find out a whole lot of information about somebody nowadays,” Vang said.