Police Department: Wear Clothes In Public

Police Department: Wear Clothes In Public

Police in Taneytown, Maryland, say at least one local is behaving strangely these days.

No nudes would be good news for the officers of the Taneytown Police Department in Maryland.

It seems that someone is making life hard for the officers, based on a cryptic Facebook post the department posted on Monday:

“Please remember to put pants on before leaving the house to check your mailbox. You know who you are. This is your final warning.”

Some people who saw the post felt singled out.

Police Department: Wear Clothes In Public

“One time. Why y’all gotta be like that,” one man joked, while another woman commented, “I’ll tell my husband; so sorry you had to see that.”

One resident suggested she knew the clothing-optional culprit.

“My son ran out in his boxers earlier to grab a package off the steps of our front porch, and came running back in. Said the neighbor saw him,” she said, adding, “I’m going to show him this and tell him it was about him (he’s 10).”

The local ABC affiliate, WMAR, was unable to uncover the identity of the allegedly nude suspect when it interviewed Taneytown residents.

However, WMAR did note that the reaction the post has received suggests there will be many more people on the lookout.

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