A deadly virus makes its way through the globe. Who will save us?

Not former Dawgs blog dipshidiot of the day Martin Shkreli.

A federal judge turned down the so-called pharmabro’s demand that he be released from prison so he can find a cure for COVID-19.

From the opinion by U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto of the Eastern District of New York:

The Probation Department asserts that Mr. Shkreli’s claim that he can develop a cure for COVID-19 that has “so far eluded the best medical and scientific minds in the world working around the clock” is the type of “delusional self-aggrandizing behavior” that precipitated the offenses for which he was properly convicted. … In any event, Mr. Shkreli’s self-described altruistic intentions do not provide a legal basis to grant his motion.