Let’s recap some of this week’s highlights of stupidity from those who claim to rule over us…

*car washes are now open, but you can’t use the vacuums…you can go next door and pump gas though.

*you can pack into Home Depot like a herd of bison, but you can’t go to a restaurant, bar, or nail salon…where it would be easy to stay six feet apart.

*you can take your boat out, but only have two people in it, so if you have a family of four, draw straws.

*in another state, you can take a boat out, but not one with a motor…because the virus knows the difference.

*you can visit the beach to walk on wet sand but stay off the dry sand…and no sunbathing.

*we are releasing prisoners to protect them from the virus, but jailing business owners who try to earn a living.

*wearing masks works, but apparently not in prison.

*we need to spend another 3 trillion to help the country, but you can’t have any…you will, however, be responsible for paying the interest on it.

*those who are telling you that you cannot earn a living are earning a living…and just gave themselves a raise.


I could go on, but what’s the point…I think my IQ went down 10 points just writing this post.

Here’s the thing…you can no longer blame the business owners for being closed.

They are choosing that. Anyone and everyone has a basic inalienable right to earn a living…period.

Anyone who interferes with that is subject to a claim for damages. Period, including the government.

While the government has police powers in a crisis, this has proven to be anything but that.

The government derives its power by consent of the people, so you will always get whatever you accept.

This world runs on contracts…including our relationship with government. It’s an implied contract, based on our acceptance of their behavior.

The only jurisdiction they have over you is that which you consent to, which can be withdrawn or changed at any time.

Instead, we behave like we are slaves to their system…like our hands are tied.

They engage in criminal activity, aid and abet the enemy, punish the citizen while coddling the intruder

Steal and redistribute wealth, imprison citizens without a valid claim.

They engage in financial crimes that the average citizen would be imprisoned for.

They have seized control of public land, public resources, and now have control over all the essentials of life…energy, water, food, and shelter.


They have imposed financial slavery on the people they claim to represent and enriched themselves by selling the country down the river.

They send our sons and daughters off to fight foreign wars, while exempting their own children.

Doesn’t sound like a fiduciary to me.

Yet we willingly participate, seldom challenge, and otherwise allow them to abuse us in any way they see fit, without consequence.

We allow mentally deranged people and grossly unqualified people to occupy the nation’s highest posts.

We have become a nation of pussies, not even closely resembling the people that fought and died to deliver this gift we call our country.

But the gift came with responsibility…to love her, protect her, and preserve her for future generations…not to hand it over to people who seek to rape, pillage, and destroy her.

Sack up, America…or just pack it in. if you choose the latter, start writing those apology letters to your grandkids.