FACT CHECKING IS IN ORDER: Did Black Lives Matter protestors deface the famous Abraham Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial?

Find out if the Lincoln Memorial was really vandalised, and what the FACTS really are!

Claim : Lincoln Memorial Defaced By BLM Protestors!

Black Lives Matter protestors are being accused of defacing the famous Abraham Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial, and here is the picture to prove it!

This picture of the Abraham Lincoln statue spray painted with graffiti has been shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc. as evidence of the Black Lives Matter movement’s complete lack of respect for sacred American monuments.

The graffiti had messages like Black + Brown Lives Matter, #BLM, Justice, The Real Martyrs, George Floyd.

Lincoln Memorial Defaced By BLM Protestors : The Facts

Fact #1 : The Picture Is Fake

The picture is fake, and was edited by mapping graffiti over a picture of the Abraham Lincoln statue.

The creator did a poor job of it, lopping off the left side of the head. The graffiti also looked odd, because he/she was mapping a 2D image over what’s really a 3D object.

Fact #2 : The Lincoln Memorial Was Slightly Defaced

The base of Lincoln Memorial was slightly defaced on the night of 30 May 2020, but not the actual Abraham Lincoln statue. Seen in this picture, Yall Not Tired Yet? was spray-painted in black.

However, there is no way to know whether BLM protestors or anti-protestors was responsible. The message is ambiguous.

Further down, the National World War II Memorial was vandalized, this time with a clearer meaning – Do Black Vets Count?

Fact #3 : National Mall and Memorial Parks Confirmed

National Mall and Memorial Parks confirmed both graffitis and cleaned them up by 4 June 2020.



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